This module consists of professional development seminars within the theme of creative industries and cultural sector leadership designed to inspire new thinking and develop immediate, practical behaviour changes through practitioners willing to come share their experiences, and also their contacts. Prof Tony Vlcek Overlap: The module will also cover a variety of additional topics in pathology. Topics to be covered include: This module is designed for second-year students undertaking degree programmes in the chemical sciences. The module will be split across two terms. The key question is not whether to pursue digital marketing strategies but how to successfully deploy them.

Insurance is fundamental to a modern economy, allowing businesses and individuals to transfer the risk of loss, thereby facilitating investment and protecting wealth, and London is a world centre of the insurance industry. It is essentially divided into two parts viz: Major classes of drugs, and their mechanism of actions in treating disease, are reviewed in this module. Please see the appropriate mark scheme below for details of individual module marks. Dr Dunja Aksentijevic Overlap: The module mark for your resit will be pegged except LLB , and will count for the year in which you originally took the module rather than the year of the resit. Specifically, the causes of the transformation from normal to malignant tissue will be described together with the manner in which tumours grow and spread.

qmul sbcs essay mark scheme

The material covered in this module includes: Each module will display a percentage mark to one decimal place and a module grade. In addition, this module will offer the opportunity to create both an advanced Canvas Business Model applied to students own business innovative idea AND a Business Plan. Prof Loukas Mistelis Overlap: The module is available to MRes Business and Management students only.

The module Relationship and Network Marketing provides students with an overview of important aspects of essah marketing.

This module introduces key concepts of quantum mechanics in a chemical context, explaining qnul the theories of quantum mechanics can be applied to atoms and molecules so as to rationalise the structure, properties and chemical reactivity of such entities.


The course will provide a critical and insightful view of current international legal developments and trends with the aim of identifying the most salient legal issues involved in insolvency and debt restructuring in the context of an increasingly complex financial phenomena and global markets.

It will introduce students to research design, address the breadth of research methods used in the scheke, and the underlying logic methodology of those methods.

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Dr Brendan Curran Overlap: For first sits or first takes the module marks are not pegged and the module will count for the year in which you originally took it. This module covers all of the legal aspects of the mining industry. Synthesis, structure and bonding are discussed, with emphasis on aluminosilicates and boron hydrides.

By the end of the course students will know how to put together their own research proposal and will have done some preliminary analysis of literature, assessment of data required and methods to be used. It then goes on to analyse the decision making processes behind which markets firms should enter, examining political, economic, marm, legal and technological factors.

qmul sbcs essay mark scheme

This module will also give students insight into the workings of the common law. An introduction to the kinetics of chemical reactions, including: The module will end with an overview of tumour diagnosis and general methods of treatment pharmacological, radiotherapeutic and surgical.

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The module comprises eight core teaching sessions which will be focused around planning, designing and reflecting on teaching. Prof Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal Overlap: Particular focus is also given to the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards the New York Convention which has a central important in international commercial arbitration.

The module covers both the regulatory and the supervisory framework in the UK and the EU. The module will provide detailed knowledge of the role that intellectual property plays in providing investments for investment and incentives in the life sciences.

Module marks and assessment

It will explore issues such as the role of ACER as a transnational regulator, the European Target Model for the electricity and gas markets, market coupling and the likely shape of future energy markets as the Energy Union continues to take shape. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the practical problems that arise in the context of disputes that involve claims of unfair competition.


Global challenges such as environmental pollution, inequality or climate change, have driven an increasing need and demand for products or services that contribute value through enhancing environmental performance e. Consideration will also be given to the challenges posed by the nature of the contemporary media: This module will provide a foundation for understanding and analysing cloud computing structures and contracts for private and public sector cloud services, including standard terms and contract negotiations; the application of data protection law to the storage and other processing of information in cloud environments, including what is regulated, who is responsible, which laws apply and the circumstances in which law enforcement authorities access information; and the subsistence and ownership of proprietary rights in data stored, processed and generated in cloud environments.

This module covers some of the fundamental skills required by biologists.

There may also be specific hurdles for particular items of assessment in the scyeme, and you should always read the module description for details. Cause marketing single-issue groups ; Civic marketing health and safety campaigns etc ; Party schem marketing – Selling Barack Obama Abuse of marketing – selling war A theory of propaganda and persuasion: The module will provide an introduction to competition law.

What are academic levels? We will examine a range of approaches to consultancy as a process of diagnosing management and organisational problems, designing implementing and evaluating organisational interventions.

qmul sbcs essay mark scheme

Foreign investors are much more willing to pursue a claim of, for example, alleged expropriation or discriminatory behaviour by a host State.