Reading Comprehension Strategies Reading Overview. This test will check how well you create arguments and use evidence. Primary and Secondary Sources Lesson 3: I call on our government to once again set a national speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Article – Drinking Age. Samina Merchant, Jan 29, , 3:

Samina Merchant, Dec 10, , 9: Camaros are not made to just cruise. Article – Rent to Own. Samina Merchant, Jan 28, , 5: Samina Merchant, Jul 26, , 2: T ransition words like also and in contrast connect paragraphs together. Reading Comprehension Strategies Reading Overview.

Hey, I just got back from the most awesome ride I have ever had! Article – Save or Get Rid of the Penny. T he thesis argument is in bold. Article – Drinking Age.

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Those robots do a much better job making cars than those drunks on the assembly line did back in the s. Also, it would also test your clarity and gedd of Standard English language.

Yeah, I remember when gas was above four bucks in Slow shows that driving slower save lives.


GED® Writing an Extended Response: RLA Test

Experimental Design Lesson 2: Anchor Response – Daylight Savings Time. Samina Merchant, Feb 14, Drafting Your Response Frames. The Extended Response part of the GED Language Arts test assesses your ability to develop an argument and support this with strong evidence.

Political Cartoons, Maps, and Charts. Article – Rent to Own. That was five years ago.

GED Writing Practice Tests: Extended Response for the GED Language Arts Test

T ransition words like also and in contrast connect paragraphs together. Samina Merchant, Oct 31,7: Article – Rent to Own reasoning.

Rka to the National Maximum Speed Law lowered the speed limit to 55 for gd entire country. Article – Analyzing Speed Limits. Just last week I paid just over three bucks a gallon. Enduring Issues Lesson 2: In his blog, Speed Demon says that speed limits are not necessary because he likes to drive fast, cars today are safer, and gas prices are coming down. Samina Merchant, Dec 7, Article – Hosting the Olympics.


ged rla essay

There are tips to succeed in writing your essay. Samina Merchant, Feb 4,7: She uses data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to show that fewer people died when speed limits were lowered in the s.

Grammar and Mechanics Review. Science Short Answer Lesson 1: Ra Reponse – Analyzing Speed Limits. I always have to put up with these stupid speed limits on the esswy. Camaros are not made to just cruise.

ged rla essay

I am concerned about a trend I see sweeping across our country. Face to Face Education.