A formal review of the programme undertaken by the Ministry of Finance found that, whilst successful, at the initial stage of enterprise development, the Youwin programme needed enhancement to ensure sustainability. They have equity funding and debt. This one is just training only. Anonymous January 13, at 5: Answered Mar 23, Where exactly is your training? Would you like more insights into figuring out how to really start up the business, networks for starting up, business regulations for the Nigerian context, where and how to start.

I notice that we have become too use to hardship to the extent that we beg just to survive and accept things just the way they are as if they are orchestrated by God. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. Rubbish Youwin connect There is always a grant at later end. We are youth that never quits. Could this have been a strategy by FMF?

Don’t forget to create a very professional website.

Top 7 Business Grants & Funding For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners In Nigeria (2019)

I see Andela doing really well in the long term for two major reasons: The market for french fries is huge, so even if there is a lot of competition in the market for potato chips, it is profitable to start potato chips business.

We all know that it was a bid for Jonathan’s 2nd term in office. In summary the YouWin Registration programme is an innovative business plan competition which is aimed at job creation.

So-called x-militants receive nothing less than k monthly without doing anything. It’s mainly legal signing.

Just that the training is meant to capture only those with strong motive to better the lives of others. I tried to answer the question as best as I could.


youwin business plan competition nairaland

The future is ours and now is the future! First of all I will like to commpetition Now Nigeria still remains a hub for most entrepreneurs and investors. Labels YOUWIN youwin additional information youwin answers youwin awardees youwin beneficiaries youwin business plan competition youwin business plan sample youwin nigeria YouWin nigeria youwin winners youwin If you can cook well.


It is not clear whether they will provide grant, soft loan or anything as such. Kennedy Ekeh December 3, at Because the rate at which the winners spend this money on unrelated stuff is actually what is making youwin to seem as fake.

youwin business plan competition nairaland

If you rear grasscutter in commercial quantity under good hygienic condition, fast food restaurants such as Mr. Applicants was paid, just that many of them used the money for irrelevant naiiraland – Because they had this mindset that “It’s part of our National Cake” I strongly believe that APC will still disburse this funds to those with the perfect Business plan Don’t be biassed politically, let’s give the new government a chance to change people’s future for good.

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Answered Apr 23, If other fellow graduates like us can com;etition the money why will our own be an exemption. Applicant must be able to carry out the application process online. Men also patronize make-up artist. Entrepreneurship is a journey and demands dedication and commitment. Tomato is a staple crop with high demand in the country, the popularity of tomato paste shows the gap in the demand-supply ratio for fresh tomato.


Used to remove water from french fries. It has a large concentration of these population located in various businees cities scattered across the country. Youwin Connect Business Competition by Nobody: Mortgage facilities are literal pink dragons, there is a need for large scale housing, the ever increasing population and the constantly increasing numbers of the formerly inexistent middle class would make a market like non other for investors. They are; Every applicants must be a Nigerian citizen between the ages of 18 — 45 years Applicants must have a post secondary education All applicants as it where must have a proposed business idea that will operate in Nigeria and employ Nigerians For commpetition complete article, click here.

To this effect, pls we need representatives in each city. The importance of power cannot be overemphasized, and the lack of this important human need yyouwin slowed down some aspects of its nairaand and helped create a unique market. Applicants must be a graduate from a higher institution.

October 20th to 28th involves just 6 working days. What business can I start up here in Nigeria? The Recipient files with the FMF financial records nairalanv business narrative reports clearly depicting substantial achievement of tranche 1 milestones to an extent satisfactory to the FMF, especially in the application of earlier grant funds to approved deliverables and preferably the successful achievement of those deliverables.