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Some of the most common forms or die cutting are; business card slits, title page windows and rounded or curved edges. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. The Copyright Office has create a template letter for you to use when requesting permissions. The external examiner can attend via videoconference. ETDs benefit the graduate student by: The external examiner has the first opportunity to ask questions, followed by the committee members, and finally the supervisor.

In the event that a faculty member is unable to attend, please read this memo. Decals, business cards, signs, banners and much more are available for personal projects as well as campus projects.

uvic thesis binding

Convocation occurs twice a year in June and November. If you’re not signed up for online order please visit our registration page and fill in all fields. Padding We have special padding glue for creating routing slip pads, memo pads and note pads. Skip to global menu. It is your individual choice where you have this done.

Blink is centrally located downstairs in the Bookstore and can offer unique printing options such as stickers, posters and bannerstands. You must allow at least two weeks for your committee to read your thesis.


For more information see: Skip to global menu. UVic Edge stationery Braille printing UVic Edge business cards are now available with your departmental block colour on the back. Return to primary navigation.

uvic thesis binding

Return to secondary navigation. To do this, you must log in to your My Page account, navigate to your ‘Graduation’ tab, complete the application and submit online. At the defense you will give a 20 minute presentation followed by questions. Return to primary navigation. Usually, these agreements transfer copyright in your work to the publisher, leaving you with very few rights to the binidng. Details can be found on the University Systems website.

Thesis and dissertation – University of Victoria

We have special padding glue for creating routing slip pads, memo pads and note pads. Department of Printing Services Online ordering Contact us.

uvic thesis binding

bindng UVicSpace is like a virtual shelf of published theses and dissertations on the library website. Return to primary navigation. We can cut your tickets, cards or bookmarks to any size you need.

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Thicker than that, an alternative such as spiral binding or three-hole drilling will be necessary. Skip to primary navigation. Review the guidelines for appointing external examiners and submit a list of three external examiner nominees and your agreed upon exam date and time to our graduate assistant.


Check with Graduate Admission and Records not Accounting to be sure that you do not owe any money to the University. It is the most commonly used form of binding for course manuals and is very user-friendly. Send the Graduate Program Assistant the most recent copy of your human research ethics approval or waiver certificate s — if applicable. There may be a second round of questions, and the exam Chair may also have a question rarely.

When any applicable changes are approved by all members of your supervisory committee, forward an approval email from your supervisor to the graduate assistant. Your thesis or dissertation will be placed in the University of Victoria’s electronic collection, UVicSpace. The copies that are distributed to your committee members should have all pages numbered including frontispiece and figures and should contain thesis quality figures.

Please fold up a sample document so we can see exactly how you want the printing folded. Return to page content.