In addition, topical work often in 2 or 3 week blocks will be taught alongside the ongoing arithmetic. Learning about how children develop and their different milestones was fun to learn about because you never really think about how you as person have developed from when you were a baby. I liked the fact that most of it was coursework and I could do my own research about childcare settings and write about them. Mr M Roden – mroden notredame-high. Philosophy, Religion and Ethics.

Head of Business and Economics: Support could be supporting your child to take part in extracurricular and to make hand in times. These are the textbooks used in the Science Department. The first is explores questions such as: Psychology is a challenging subject that appeals to students as it gives an insight into the processes that affect human behaviour.

This may take the form of marking in books, marking of tests, marking of homeworks, self assessment or peer assessment in lessons, interactive homework tasks xhow tell students the answer and explain why they were wrong e. The presentations given by Mr Birch and Mr Nixon were very well attended, in addition to a very busy morning for subject staff in their departments.

Additionally it complements the Health and Social Care course too and you will carry out work experience placements in lesson time.

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Gennard — fgennard notredame-high. They can also be accessed by the students through Kerboodle access details aboveso there is no need to purchase. Throughout KS3 our focus in on Catholic Christianity but we also explore other world faith such as Hinduism and Islam.


PE A Level Downloads. Phase 1 up until February. The assessment of the subject includes both coursework units and exams. Learning about how children develop and their different milestones was fun to learn about because you never really think about how you as person have hith from when you were a baby.

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When I hear things on the news and social media, I can definitely relate it back homswork sociological theory so in a way it makes me think that I do understand the subject more thoroughly because I can apply it to everyday life. Rollinson — crollinson notredame-high.

Maths qualifications are highly valued by both those in Higher Education and employers too. EPQ Extended Project Qualification — an extended project, to be completed under the supervision of a tutor. Examples of employment which this course can support with might include: The study of Economics at GCE is divided up into micro and macroeconomics. Child Development and Care is a course that specifically explores the needs of children from birth to five years.

Then we apply these theories to ethical issues such as: Did Jesus die for all or just a few?

Visit different places of worship. This will provide an essential background to both the coursework aspects of the course and support your understanding with exam content.

Come to our sixth form!

Head of Business and Economics: Head of PE Department: How you can help your child in Business Studies and Economics Encourage your child to listen to business news and carry out xhow reading of relevant articles. Please email Mr Dransfield sdransfield notredame-high. The third unit is on the global business environment — looking at objectives and business strategy as well as external influences that will impact on business and how they might respond to manage change.


show my homework notre dame high school sheffield

Discuss with your child highh they are learning in R. Studying sociology offers you opportunities to gain a greater understanding of society and to make sense of your own experiences within it.

show my homework notre dame high school sheffield

A-level Shefield A Level Mathematics specification allows greater flexibility and aims to create a positive learning environment, enabling teachers to adapt to students’ needs and help them fulfil their potential. GCE Business AS level — one year; A level — two years In year one of this course, students are introduced to enterprise, setting up a business and the risk involved.

Below is a summary of how science is taught to each year across the three sciences and how you can help your child in science.

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Notre Dame celebrated St. Information on exam results can be found by clicking here: In vame, please encourage your child to make full use of the support available outside of lessons e.

AS Theology — to be completed in one hour per week, across Y12 and Y Encourage completion and timely submission of homework. Doherty Head of Year — mdoherty notredame-high.

show my homework notre dame high school sheffield