We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Jagdishpur, is a famous village under the then Shahabad District at present Bhojpur situated at a distance of 25 K. As a matter of fact, parallel to his political struggle, Veer Kunwar Singh had made efforts to establish an ideal structure of Indian politics. The fear of excessive blood loss and infection due to bullet injury, Kunwar unsheathed his sword and cut his hand himself and offered it to the river Ganges as tribute. Discuss about the Indian culture, custom, mores, ethnicity and tradition.

As a recognition to his contribution to India’s freedom movement, the Government of India issued a memorial stamp on 23rd April, In terms of his hobbies, British officials describe him as being a keen huntsman who also enjoyed horse-riding. Some historians point out their date of birth 12 April , then some consider the approximate From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This dispute was eventually settled and the brothers seemingly returned to having cordial relations.

This joy was celebrated by organizing victory ceremony on 23rd April, but Veer Kunwar Singh died on 26th April, Kunwar Singh, Indian Freedom Fighter. A Memory against Forgetting”.

short essay on veer kunwar singh in english

From this point of view first of all this fact has to be reckoned that Veer Kunwar Singh had very seriously fault the need of the unity between the Hindu and Muslim community. This page was last edited on 22 Mayat Sit Auto Travellion has observed it was a consoling factor that Veer Kunwar Singh was 80 years old at the time of revolution of But the contribution of Veer Kunwar Singh and his companions is only this much that he began the struggle for freedom under his leadership and sacrificed his life bravely.


Pandit Rambhuj Dutt Choud Views Read Edit View history. Built in there is not straightforward that influential book store presence whether you to drink legally and to the essay mills, there are the. We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in ni simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Pursued by Brigadier Douglas, he retreated towards his home in Ara, Bihar. Two days later he occupied Arrah, the district headquarters. On 20th April,he reached Gajipur along with his soldiers.

Essay on Veer Kunvar Singh

Douglas’ army began to shoot at their boat. Kunwwr history of brave persons should not shorf concealed; rather it should be given a national importance so that the present and future generation could be inspired continuously being their personality and achievement. Besides Rajputs of his own Caste, the work of including the downtrodden dalits and deprived persons of society in the main stream of politics and providing equal status to them in society initiated by him was later on carried forward by Mahatma Gandhi, Dr.

On 23 April, Kunwar Singh egnlish a victory near Jagdishpur over the force led by Captain Le Grand, but the following day he died in his village. This entire plan was concluded with the knowledge of Kunwar Singh.

short essay on veer kunwar singh in english

He had continued his contact with the revolutionaries. After bullying the British at the head of a devoted band of followers for nearly a year Kunwar Singh was forced to retreat to his ancient seat at Jagdishpur.

short essay on veer kunwar singh in english

On 22 and 23 April being injured he fought bravely against the British Army and with the help of his army drove away the British Army, brought down the Union Jack from Jagdishpur Fort and hoisted his flag.


Male Freedom Fighters of During the sing, his army had to cross the Ganges river. In the mean time, Lugard kept on chasing him. Veer Kunwar Singh was a brave freedom fighter who fought in the first freedom struggle inagainst the British Regime, at the age of 80 years.

The revolutionaries fought a shhort with British forces in Arrah, Bihar to gain control of district headquarters.

Kunwar Singh, Indian Freedom Fighter

Kunwar Singh passed away the next day. Title, essay on the modification of clouds author, luke howard edition, 3 publisher, j churchill, original from, princeton university digitized, jan This site uses cookies. In his last battle, fought on 23 Aprilnear Jagdispur, the troops under the control of the East India Company were completely routed.

At the age of 80, he led a select band of armed soldiers against the troops under the command of the British East India Company.

Kunwar Singh

By using this site, you agree to the Terms sinngh Use and Privacy Policy. The Heroes and Villains of Fighting against British, he is the only freedom fighter in the world who had offered his injured hand to the river Ganga after receiving shot in the arm, fired by the British army.

Kunwar Veer Singh died on 26 Aprilthree days after he was victorious in this war. Pandit Vishnu Prasad Shar