Shark Culling Each year in Australia, the number of deaths from shark attacks ranges between zero to three deaths. Sharks keep the populations below them in check. Shark sightings are on the rise! Retrieved May 23, , from https: The photographer is positioning the viewer to see the shark as a big, scary monster, and the man to be a hero for killing it… As though killing a shark is something to be proud of.

The shark culling topic has many different opinions, either negative, positive or neutral. Interestingly, over both years, the average shark sighting came in at roughly 1 shark every 2. Christopher Pepin-Neff , University of Sydney. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? There has been major protests all through out australia as well as internationally in New Zealand ; South Africa.

We must not allow this negative fictional image to form the basis of state or national policy. What are sharks forced to do? The prime suspect implicated in esay of these attacks is the species responsible for most fatal attacks, the white shark Carcharodon carcharias. Helping us understand more about them really is the key to both sharks and humans living and swimming in harmony.

The great shark debate: to cull or not to cull?

These are simply encounters. Conservation Sharks Endangered species Species loss Shark attack. We know that there are no simple solutions to shark bites, but all of the data must be available for public consideration. We might expect a corresponding rise in shark attacks.

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There is no excuse or justifiable argument that even comes close to validating a shark cull. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! There are also efforts to limit the mortality of species by checking the nets regularly and taking them down in NSW during whale migration months. Weekend West, October 15, For more information: Do not swim at dusk or at night. Hard to Ignore, however, is the warning sign In the foreground of the Image warning beach-goers of a shark sighting.


A disappearance at Cottesloe Beach on October 10 has also been attributed to a shark.

This will attract the curious shark which may then cross the 1km mark. This is a difficult time. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Why barrnets doing it, his thoughts behind it.

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Contribute Join our community of contributors. The nets also inadvertently killed 13 endangered grey nurse sharks during this period four in NSW and nine sgark Queensland because the program is indiscriminate in the species that it catches.

shark culling essay

Terry Goss But even if we consider the recent disappearance of a swimmer at Cottesloe beach as a shark attack although unconfirmedthen shaark reality there have only been three fatal attacks in WA in the past 12 months. Without this control assuming no interference from humans on other levels other species would grow beyond sustainable levels, eventually resulting in suffocating the oceans.

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shark culling essay

Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons license. The goal culljng everyone is to improve shark bite prevention and risk reduction while finding solutions that reflect the values of the public. The Great White has been listed as an endangered species due to the over hunting of them for shark teeth and there fins.


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Available editions United States. And beside him, a shark swim peacefully.

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Scientist from all over Australia, as well as Marine Life Advocates have been trying to drill in to Barnett that there are better solutions available, and that killing them will have no impact on decreasing the fatal attacks. The body-boarder attacked at Bunker Bay was close to a seal colony at the time of the attack. You might also like A pair essau blacktip reef shark neonates Carcharhinus shzrk gently cruise among the roots in the mangrove forest of Surin Archipelago during high tide in Mu Koh Surin national park, Thailand.

This spring marks 75 years since the New South Wales Government cul,ing began funding shark nets along Australian beaches. The purpose of a baited drum line in an effective strategy would only be to attract the shark to an area far enough away from people so it sets off an alarm and can then be monitored, even ushered out to sea.