Another importance of the study of wide-tuning range PLLs is that it is a practical method in dealing with environmental and process variations. Inputs A and B serve as the clocks of the D flipflops. Being a critical building block of the PLL, the VCO performs essential functions in the transmission of and reception of data. For both of these VCO cores these steps are implemented initially to give an estimate of magnitude of components to use; based on these values simulations are performed and sufficient adjustments are made as required. In particular, wide tuning range, low phase noise, and low power are desirable attributes for multi-standard and multi-band communication systems.

Sufficient adjustments are made based on simulation results. The two VCO designs are laid out, and measurements were taken upon receiving the fabricated chip. It was found that the addition of the source-follower buffer allows the VCO to function at a higher frequency, while the presence of the switched capacitor tends to deteriorate phase noise. The switched-capacitor can be turned on and off. The operation of the CML buffer is based on the differential pair circuit. The main disadvantage to using this configuration is the difficulty in implementing it when the supply voltage is low due to the stacking of transistors.

quadrature vco thesis

I would also like quadrzture thank Dr. This section introduces the loop filter and discusses how we designed two loop filters, one for loop bandwidth 1 MHz and the other for loop bandwidth kHz. Two design cases are presented. Electrical engineeringTelecommunications engineering Keywords: This thesis focuses on the study of wide-band PLLs, as they are a critical building block of many wireless and wireline systems.

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Adding an inductor in the current source to remove upconverted flicker noise. Unfortunately, increasing QL through this method results in increasing F as well since active devices contribute their own noise; thus, the anticipated phase noise improvements are unsuccessful [26]. The two designs were fabricated in a nm CMOS technology. Blind application of this model based on pure observation of the equation has resulted in foolish attempts of some designers to use active circuits in order to boost QL.


Customize your widget with the following options, then copy and paste the code below into the HTML of your page to embed this item in your website. The loop filter then converts these signals to a control voltage that is used to control quadragure VCO.

Martin, Analog Integrated Circuit Design.: The design of the current source could potentially be improved.

A study of two wideband CMOS LC-VCO structures – UBC Library Open Collections

Attaran, “Performance review of high-quality-factor, low- noise, and wideband radio-frequency lc-vco for wirless communication,” IEEE Microwave Magazine, vol. Therefore, the charge pump will switch on and off, and current qudarature will appear on the charge pump output at the reference frequency.

Corner analysis is performed to observe the sensitivity of the two designs to process variations. Therefore, it is expected that the circuit design and layout will have a detrimental influence on the resulting quality factor [31].

quadrature vco thesis

Since as mentioned before the bias current of the designs were lower than expected and due to the fact that Design A has more stages compared to Design B, its final output amplitude was thesiis impacted by the lower bias current. Lastly, a first-order frequency synthesizer that is suitable for high-speed on-chip clock generation will be discussed.

Integrated RF oscillators and LO signal generation circuits

Resistors R1 and Vc must be equal to ensure that the signal is even and has the same amplitude above and below common-mode level.

This is very important in frequency synthesizer applications [60].

quadrature vco thesis

The AC coupling isolates the DC of the source follower buffer from that of the subsequent blocks. The combined task of the PFD, charge pump, and loop filter blocks is to provide a stable DC tuning voltage to the VCO based qiadrature the frequency and phase difference between the reference frequency and output of the divider so that acquisition of the PLL can be achieved.


I would not be able to complete this work without your invaluable advice throughout this process. Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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The design of the loop filter is crucial and determines most of the specifications of the PLL. The testbench schematic for Design B characterization is provided in Figure 5.

The operation of the CML buffer is based on the differential pair circuit. Both PMOS- and NMOS-only topologies can provide an output voltage swing greater than the voltage supply with thesid help of a high tail- 8 current feed-through. In this design, passive loop filters are used. The measured phase noise for Designs A and B are shown in Figure 5.

Integrated circuit scaling has enabled a huge growth in processing capability, which necessitates a corresponding increase in inter-chip communication bandwidth. At low frequencies, CMOS is preferred for its simplicity and low static power dissipation, but at higher frequencies, CML is used as it is faster with lower power due to its reduced output swing [36].

The reason thedis this is that 40 Design B includes the use of a switched-capacitor placed in parallel with the LC-tank; this switched-capacitor has a fixed quasrature which is present even when the switched- capacitor is off.

This feature of PLLs proves useful in many applications such as radio, computers, telecommunications and other electronic applications [1]. A small signal two-port based approach that is design oriented is presented.