Google experiences ‘indexing’ issues, users see stale search results. Facebook-owned photo messaging app Instagram has launched the beta version of its in-app sh.. Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others. Reduction by three stages for three years with cumulative effect. Related Topics Education Plus higher education. What is clear is that Bollywood films will be the focus of more and more case studies in the coming years to perk up the staid atmosphere of B-schools. But not even in his wildest dreams would he have imagined having an enthusiastic following among leading lights in the corporate world, top management institutes and even the Indian Army!

Dhoni ruled out of tri-series. Yet Champaner, the village in the film was in Kutch and it was in Kutch that Aamir Khan’s production team had to strike roots. Besides the interest shown by Reliance Infotech in? An effective strategist always listens first. For example, I want the Royal family to see the film in London. The professor reads a film the way he does a management book. Imagine creating buzz in the land of big buzz.

Lagaan The Movie, As A Casestudy On Management – PPT Download

It became a challenge that every actor from England was keen to face. The entire film making process was done without any compromises. On being asked if this could well be the inflexion point in Indian cinema with Lagaan vying for an Oscar, he shrugs a careless shoulder. Dhoni ruled out of tri-series. Sunil Alagh, managing director of Britannia Industries, makes the same point as Patanayak.

Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. This Bollywood movie was made in But not even in his wildest dreams would he have imagined having an enthusiastic following among leading lights in the corporate world, top management ikm and even the Indian Army!


By More and more B-schools are using popular Hindi cinema to teach management practices. Says Rajinder Ahluwalia, a xtudy expert who has started drawing parallels from the film in his Art of Self-Discovery workshops: Lt Colonels to Brigadiers.

The Role of Motivation and Communication: A Case Study of LAGAAN

Lagaan was screened for the first time on 15th June, at Suncity, South Africa. Home Essay five year plan Pages Writing a cover letter online BlogRoll how to address a business cover letter personal support worker cover letter no experience how to create small business plan police discretion essay questions importance of a business plan atudy starting a business cover letter gsu university of south carolina creative writing.

As the deadline closes in on the 74th Annual Academy Awards, Bhuvan XI is giving finishing touches to a strategy, the success of lagana will make history.

The success of Lagaan has also made the Indian corporate world wake up to the power of cinema as an effective tool to enhance sales and capture consumer attention. Printable version May 23, 1: The effort is to make the film more accessible for people to come and watch it.

Kumara Swamy zeroes in on the trend. The case study has been incorporated in IIM-I’s curriculum and related questions were even posed at the interim exam held recently. The soundtrack, complete with the magic of India, is going for a crossover of its own.

lagaan case study iim

He said this case study incorporated Hindi cinema and cricket, two major obsessions of Indians by and large. They also felt this has made their understanding better. With the here and adoption of ICT in the banking sector, iim customers are fast moving away from stdy traditional case banking system to the convenient and study of virtual banking.


Though the case study method of teaching is interesting and more effective for students, an audio-visual method is always a better option. Disney to launch laagan service to take on Netflix.

From Bhuvan to Oscar – The Economic Times

At every stage of forming the crew each and every member had the option to back out if one is not convinced with the any aspect of the film. Ii Ashutosh had belief in himself and that belief transformed into an epic in January and for the first time the whole world recognized India for a different reason altogether.

Lagaan shows how this can be done. B-schools seem to agree. IndiaMumbai Views 1.

lagaan case study iim

ii, Lagaan is not your common Dil To Pagal Hai type of movie. The first to take the field was the Gas Authority of India: Says Shreedhar Subramanium, managing director, Sony Music: The rest, as they say, is history. He kept on shooting from a portable bed with a mike and monitor through which he could see what all was going.

lagaan case study iim

The whole unit worked like a factory.