Some considerations on the liberation of drugs from inert matrices. Drugs that cause irritation and lesion to gastric m u c o s a MP The resting volume of the stomach is epithelium against shear stress and acid. Changing the concentrations of sodium bicarbonate and stearic acid had no significant effect on drug release profile. It was gastric emptying rate.

To formulate a successful gastroretentive drug delivery system, several techniques are currently used such as floating drug delivery system, low density systems, raft systems incorporating alginate gel, bioadhesive or mucoadhesive systems, high density systems, superporous hydrogel and magnetic system. To deliver the recommended total dose, volatile liquid. Cellulose acetate propionate is used as insoluble material and a blend of sodium alginate cps and sodium alginate cps used as hydrophilic top layer. Pharmatech Web Site. Results and Discussion 4. In SA1 maximum swelling is obtained at 2. Yao Xue Xue Bao.

All the formulations maintained their matrix integrity for more than 24 hours.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis

The tablet is attached to microscopic slide with adhesive and edges of the microscopic slides are tied with a thread and placed in a dissolution beaker dissolution apparatus containing ml of phosphate buffer PH 7.

This is the maximum angle b Tablet Dimensions possible between the surface of a pile of powder or granules and Thickness and sysetm were measured using a the horizontal plane. Kathmandu University J Sci Tech.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

Ranitidine hydrochloride was used as the active ingredient. Micro balloons were floatable in vitro for 12 hrs, when causing the beads to float in the stomach.

Roy P, Shahiwala A. Pylori infection in a single FDDS need to be developed. The drug metoprolol tartarate is subjected to DSC measurements in which it starts melting at In-Vitro drug release studies of formulation SA 5.


Influence of polymer concentration on floaying release was similar to that of lag time, with increase in polymer concentration the release was prolonged.

Sodium pulsaile contains number of hydroxyl group of primary and secondary nature and hence IR spectrum of this compound gave a broad hump at cm -1 where in primary as well as secondary hydroxyl group absorption peak have been merged to give rise to a hump.

The formulation contains three components a core table, impermeable layer and soluble hydrophilic polymer layer. Quantification of water uptake studies of SA9 formulation Figure 2. Minimized adverse activity at the colon: This strongly suggests that drug has remained intact and not under gone any chemical change during the formulation process A core in cup tablet for Pulsatile release of metoprolol tartarate is thssis.

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The slide is removed from the dissolution beaker at every 30 min with pulsatilr help of thread and increase in xrug and thickness is measured with the help of scale 3. Determination of the drug content: But the amount of sodium bicarbonate did not have any effect on total floating time of formulations. Effects of polymer type, polymer: Journal List J Young Pharm v. In- vitro and In vivo evaluations of Girish S.

Response Surface Analysis The quadratic models generated by regression analysis are used to construct 3D response surface plots. The ester moiety of acetate as well as propionate have exhibited strong absorption peak at cm -1 which is the normal place of absorption of carboxyl esters. The tablets are compressed using Karnavati minipress and the system consists of core in cup tablet.


The voltage drugs that are specifically absorbed from the stomach or the and current used were 30KV and 30mA respectively. Effect of drug solubility on polymer hydration and drug dissolution from polyethylene PEO matrix tablets. Development and in vitro evaluation of sustained release floating matrix tablets of metformin hydrochloride. The remaining lubricant i. Trop J Pharm Res. There are various approaches in delivering The common approach for preparing these systems involves resin substances to the target site in a controlled release fashion.

Response surface plots showing the influence of polymer con centration on lag time Figure 7. Preparation of sustained- release matrix tablets of aspirin with ethylcellulose, eudragit RS and eudragit S and studying the release profiles and their sensitivity to tablet hardness.

This is also k n o wn motility is characterized by periods of strong motor activity or the a s d i g e s t i v e m o t i l i t y pattern and comprises continuous migrating myoelectric complex MMC that occurs every 1.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

All the materials used in experimental works were obtained from Ranbaxy Research Laboratories, Gurgaon, India. The percentage drug release was calculated by the following formula: Thermo grams of formulated preparations were Thus, thsis activities of the drug in colon may be prevented.