Please include description of the situation, the challenges you faced, how you overcome the problems and the impact you have achieved. These skills are not taught at school. Thus, knowing the story of another leaders on why they could achieve their success, their experience, their life story is what inspires us and gives an insight. After rigorously choosing, selected applicants will get scheduled phone interviews. The aim of it is to give the real experience to students about how to conduct cooperation between the participants coming from many countries around Asia, how to enhance the leadership role, and how to study in such a very good university. Send your application now at: If you consider highly quality of MBA scho

In order to pass the interview, I personally suggest applicants to relax and contemplate about what they have written in their application. Pendaftaran dapat dilakukan melalui link http: Get to Know — Young Leaders for Indonesia. The network with fellow participants and alumni who are high performing students from across Indonesia and overseas; and to have the opportunity to learn from each other and hear their thoughts and concerns about Indonesia 2. Even it had been uploaded to her facebook and I was one of the lucky person to get the tag!!! After questioned by some of friends who had previously failed in applying for YLI, I understood that failure happened because applicants did not prepare their best or did not know how to make their applications enticing.

Developing the next generation of Indonesian Leaders

Congratulations to the top 64 students from universities in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and Australia who are selected to join the Young Leaders for Indonesia National Program!


Mastery in English is preferred, yet we would still consider your leadership experience in the selection process besides your English ability. Outstanding leadership skills as evidenced by a significant contribution to extra-curricular activities.

I submitted all the requirements: Another articles in this blog will tell the story about its workshop … and its assignments … oh, wow … So … that is the poster of YLI So, do not blame me in writing more sentences in her part.

Failure to attend the program fully will bear consequences to return the scholarship benefits in pro-rated amount: Fluency in English oral and written communication 5.

Not only involved passively on the events, but I was trying to be active by being a head of redactors in Scrapbook. Be prepared and make sure your energy is fully charged so you can get the full forum experience.

Lets join Young Leaders for Indonesia in the next batch!!! Cerita Eva Medianti dalam….

UGM Students Join Young Leaders for Indonesia Wave 9

We were not job seeker, but they offer some positions to us based on our background and interest. We are friendly, but still mckunsey on the regulations, job desks, and deadlines.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? I needed to adapt well to keep up with the fast spreading of lecturing information, especially through the blackboard academic portal.

Action lays cmkinsey what actions applicants took to solve. Only 3rd and 4th year students will be considered in the selection process B.

We can also make simulation and try to record it.


History – YLI — Young Leaders for Indonesia

There is no preferential treatment for YLI participants who are interested to apply for consulting role in McKinsey. Any feedbacks and suggestions were given also. One February intake a year with MBA seminars and tutorials ranging in size between 20 and 60 students mckinswy quality interaction is possible.

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We have another great speakers in this forum, and they are:. April 22 at 9: Be sure to register yourself to attend the info session at: The program spans for six months and awardee is obliged to attend three national forums. I have just graduated?

YLI McKinsey | Kepingan Mozaik

What we will be? Friday, July 20, Time: There were 1, applicants and as usual, the team annualy decided 60 participants.

essay yli mckinsey

However, do not take it as a part of the program. Send your application now at: YLI is a leadership development program that not only teaches modules on leadership, but also gives opportunities for the participants to practice the knowledge and skills given through implementing concrete projects. Inspiring leaders and guest speakers and opportunity to interact and learn from their leadership experience 3.

Alright … most of my fellows have waited for this very expecting part of YLI: Its all about discussion about what is outside the study curriculum, to enrich what is in the class materials.

essay yli mckinsey