Thank you so much. They are in place to ensure that all students are treated equally, regardless of the awarding organisation used for their subject. If you have to pay the entry fee yourself, you can find what we charge your centre on the fees page. Your teacher marks all project work, coursework and controlled assessment. If you request a copy of your exam paper after the priority deadline, you won’t receive it until after the deadline to submit review of marking requests.

Moderation is necessary to make sure that all students have their coursework assessed according to the same standards. Once the marking of your paper has been reviewed, we’ll do a clerical check to make sure that:. The marking of your question paper will be reviewed by a senior examiner , who will check your answers against the mark scheme. The only way to improve your grade would be to resit the exam. If we did adjust your mark, your teacher will need to decide if they want to send back all of the work from your school or college for remoderation.

I’m pleased for the student.

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Results and certification Post-results services. For information about deadlines and fees, see:. User tabs Review the marking of my work Get a copy of my marked work. Any changes we make to grades during the review of moderation may affect all students who submitted work.

edexcel coursework resubmission

Post-results key dates Post-results fees. Can I get resubmisaion coursework back? Can I see my marked question paper after a review of marking has been completed?


Edexcel Applied ICT Resubmission of Coursework

You courseowrk request that we only perform the clerical check. He’s capable of the work and can easily improve his existing portfolio to the level he needs. Before deciding xoursework resit, discuss your results with your teachers. Find out more about appeals. You’ll need to speak to your teacher in order to get a copy of the mark scheme or for additional help interpreting where you’ve been awarded marks. Quality assurance procedures are in place throughout every stage of the exam cycle, but if you’re concerned that your grade is wrong, you can ask us to perform additional checks.

You can ask your school or college to return any project, coursework or controlled assessments. This means that we will request the same sample of marking and the moderation of the work will be reviewed by a senior moderator.

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If you already have an overall grade for your qualification, you’ll need to cash in again to ensure we recalculate your grade. The table below shows when you can expect an outcome.

edexcel coursework resubmission

Do you already have an account? Find out about our review of marking service and how to get a copy resubmisison your exam paper, and read the answers to FAQs about post-results services.

edexcel coursework resubmission

I just received the official “nod” today. The senior examiner is able to review the marking of the exam paper online and, as soon as they submit their mark, your school or college will be notified of the outcome. Your school or college may ask you to pay for these services before they submit your application.


Post-results services for Edexcel A level

Ask the exams officer at your school or college to request this service at the same time as submitting your review of marking request. Connect with like-minded professionals and have your say on the issues that matter to you. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Is a review of marking the best option for me? We don’t refund students or parents directly but you may be able to request a refund from your school resubmkssion college if:. Sometimes, students don’t do as well couraework the next units because their mind is focusing on improving the grade of an earlier unit instead.

You may find that a resit is not your best option. Verte LegumeMar 17, Is it necessary to make him start the work from scratch or can he refine the work he coursewoek submitted and just resubmit it again?

Verte LegumeMar 16, If you think that the mark on your results slip is not the mark your teacher gave you, please check with your teacher to see what happened courrsework marks after moderation. What information is shown on my marked question paper?