How tangible must something be? Challenge A ‘Vision on Talent’ can be developed and executed in many cases. The research clearly shows that psychological factors dominate. Email Richard for questions or suggestions to visieoptalent gmail. Richard van der Lee is working as a Manager at Rabobank in the Netherlands.

The following statement was presented to 53 employees and 52 managers, all employed within arbitrarily-selected commercial organizations: By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. The main component of the model is the strong relationship between relevant market perspectives and organizational perspectives. Do customers and particularly employees, within all departments of the organization, recognize the developed vision and will this be the starting point for their daily activities. The results of the dissertation of Breij therefore give every reason to investigate at a nationwide level how many people are involved.

However, they still enjoy working, they mention the love for their trade and the presence of colleagues.

dissertation visie op talent

Many organizations have ‘long term’ thinking and are actively developing and realizing a vision in this field. Zoek de verschillen Kraket Aureus Bacheloropleidingen Wat zijn de verschillen tussen de bachelors? Public Policy Nieuwe specialisatie: By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies.

Bert Breij’s PhD research shows that older lower and secondary skilled technicians opt for voluntary early retirement because they feel threatened by their current working conditions, which they consider as a threat to their dissertafion. An aid for organizations can also be the body of thought and its corresponding visual model, which has led to the dissertation of ‘Vision on Talent’ as a completion of the MBA-study.


This is an added value.

dissertation visie op talent

March 1 – The concepts of ‘Vision’ and ‘Individual talent development’ currently cause a lot of confusion and discussion. We have other things to do and our customers show no interest in these concepts” and “Our organization already has a vision and takes part in competition management. Given the ageing workforce; intake of a new generation of employees into the labour market; lack of trust between customers and organizations; the necessary match between customers’ requirements and talent within organizations; and, last but not least, developments like ‘working at a distance’, developing individual talent is not an option but a necessity.

Binding with the employer decreases Their sense of commitment with the employer has decreased in the past five years before their departure. They take advantage of the possibility of early retirement. Furthermore, there is also the challenge in the field of creating and exploiting support.

It is a sound conclusion when organizations gear the vision and drive of individual talent to customer needs and changes in the external environment.

dissertation visie op talent

As part of an Executive MBA dissertatiin researched the development of individual talent in organizations. This group of elderly people is healthy, love to work, and is employable.

Bert Breij successfully defended his PhD thesis

The outcome is that a vision within an organization is typically fully dissergation and defined by management – but often it is not geared to real activity. Organizations need to take the time to get into discussion with customers and employees, ask the proper questions and from this develop their ‘Vision on Talent.

Anne Opschoor Tussenstand onderzoek: Richard van der Lee is working as a Manager at Rabobank in the Netherlands. The confusion will be further increased when concepts such as ‘Vision’ and ‘Talent’ are being cited in a single combination. These challenges are relatively simple to solve but require patience and investment.


They do not want to make mistakes in their choice, because they want to enjoy their retirement in good health.

Vision on Talent, a ‘must’ for organizations

Search all of HRM Guide. They feel that they have been working for so long. Bedrijf stelt zich voor: A version of this article was earlier published in the Netherlands on several websites and is translated from Dutch into English by Joop van der Lee. Furthermore taleht was a distinct difference in opinion between managers and employees. Furthermore, the issues of daily business do not often visid the time to think about this within all departments of the organization.

Resistance from higher and middle management within organizations often results in comments like: Svetlana Khapova Tussenstand onderzoek: Judging by the strength of ‘Vision on talent’ as a basis for further strategy in the field of developing available Human Capital within organizations, the outcome of this element of research is deplorably poor.

Many books have been written purely on the concept of ‘Vision’. Van der Lee considers that the confusion about understanding ‘Vision’ also applies to the understanding of ‘individual development of talent. The challenge for organizations, however, lies in finding the right ingredients for such a vision. Project FoodBank Interview met student: