They can appear alone, or in combination. The project consisted of two interactive furniture pieces which explores relations between users and objects inside the domestic environment. Within this thesis the visual motifs in interactive media art are researched not just in the context of interactive media art globally, not just in the context of media art globally, but also in the context of traditional art. When realizing projects I find myself drawn towards the ways in which objects, whether of material nature or data, convey their content. I’m currently finishing my master in computer science at the johannes kepler university. A list of my works includes CD jackets, editorial, business web sites and interactive media installations.

The following year I attended a foundation year in art and design studies at Reading College of Art and Design in England. Second and third supervisors are optional. Before she began to study Interface Cultures she graduated at School for fashion and textile-technology, Salzburg. The Masters programme Interface Culture is fully taught in English. Born in Germany, studies since in Austria. She also has taken part in several festivals, exhibitions, group artworks, theatre plays and shortfilms, both as an actress and as director. These include both non-mediated and mediated references and a range of analogies, including formal, procedural and crossmodal analogies.

Montag, Dienstag Hauptplatz 6 Linz Austria.

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Was born in in Austria and completed an undergraduate program in art before entering the University of Art and Design Linz. Second and third supervisors are optional. Because everyone have the experience play the seesaw with our parents or friend when we are children. Originally interested in graphic design, he introduced himself in dissertatiion design centred in interfaces.

At least we liz a profound knowledge of English from the students and is is strongly recommended to attend a German course during the exchange in Linz.


University of Arts and Design Linz

He has also exhibited throughout Perth, Melbourne and online. A list of my works includes CD jackets, editorial, business web sites and interactive media installations. Internationalisation is a natural part of the institutional culture. kunstunni

dissertation kunstuni linz

My background is Graphic design and Animation. A practice-based approach to inquiry was chosen, supporting the situated exploration of opportunities and kundtuni under the benefit of a holistic and critical perspective. Consequently kunstubi historical background for the interactive media artworks has been created and illustrates how these already existing visual motifs are used and represented in interactive media art.

Was focused on machine construction and engineering before he started to study Informatics at the Kepler University in Linz and currently joins several courses of the Interface Culture Institute.

Through the dance performance, producing fashionable devices and installations, she attempts to alter the awareness for our own vivid-body.

The analysis revealed a range of emerging topics. All areas – degree programmes: Her interests lies in videogames, specially related to power and social criticism; human-computer interaction; 3D; videomapping; interaction design; activism; interfaces; narrative; storytelling; audiovisuals; scenography; and the relation between art, technology, media and society.

Here in Interace culture, I am working on making a firefox add-on which convert existing webpages into colour patterns, and developing an installation which focus on the mixture of natural and artificial colours.

Kunstuniversität Linz: PhD programme | Admission / Procedure

In recent years incoming as well as outgoing rates have increased significantly. After completing High School in Salzburg I moved to America for a year where I travelled, worked and took some college courses. Christa Sommerer and Prof. Quality development In our view sustainable quality development can only be achieved with respect to the Bologna process and the concept of lifelong learning.

This produces at least one direction of development or several directions of development and a suggestion can be made as to further developments in the future.


His practice now incorporates networked interfaces with online social systems, focussing on disertation immersive nature of these spaces kunxtuni the juxtaposition of identity and spacial orientation within them.

To achieve this in sufficient quantity and depth, I devised dissettation series of design workshops as research labs. They can appear alone, or in combination.

dissertation kunstuni linz

The various forms of ambiguity identified in the analysis are discussed and ambiguity is identified as a constant of interpretational processes, which even may offer benefits for the design of novel sounds. It focuses on a body of original works which include multimodal interfaces, interactive narratives, videogames, art installations, disdertation critical design concepts.

She’s now finishing her master studies about the process of conception and vissertation of interactive architectures and objects focusing on the role played by designers and architects on this field. In this thesis, I set out to explore design approaches and interpretations of sound in interactive commodities.

A particular insight was that abstract and affective qualities play an important role kjnstuni interpretation and are often combined with concrete, indexical sounds.

Meanwhile, she is planning curatorial concepts about media art in South-East Europe. PhD studies within this programme are closed for further admissions. As a rule, doctorate students work mainly on their respective project and are assisted in this task by their supervisor.

dissertation kunstuni linz

She also has taken part in several festivals, kumstuni, group artworks, theatre plays and shortfilms, both as an actress and as director. Graduated BA in computer science at Hosei University.