This can be complemented by appreciation visits to military camps, firing weapons and visits to historical military landmarks. By then, there will be a need to recondition the body again, thus, rendering futile so many hours and energies spent on physical exercises and drills at the expense of developing academic military science. Before I end this speech, as what one leader said yesterday, I would like to thank search engines like Google, Yahoo! These recognitions, appreciations, all these stuffs are nothing without all of us. The Team Leaders of the different sections were also awarded Certficates. We have learned to make things simple, to focus on what must be accomplished, and to have that initiative and motivation to work.

Notify me of new comments via email. Thank you to our very own coordinator and facilitator, Dr. We all deserve the recognition, and we all owe it to our very own facilitator. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Dumapig, Campus Administrator, for conferment. I pursued this course a little bit more vigorously than many of my peers by taking its ROTC Advanced course.

ROTC is meant to prepare our youth to defend the country against war from external threats. But as we do this, we are faced with the background that ROTC is now in crises in so many of our universities and colleges nationwide.

cwts graduation speech

Above all things, we would like to express our heavenward and heartfelt thanks and praises to God almighty for giving us this wonderful experience — for the guidance, protection, good health, and the strength to do all things according to his will. This site uses cookies.

cwts graduation speech

This law took national security as equal to nation building in its broader sense which include social, economic, political cwt military components. I pursued this course a little bit more vigorously than many of my peers by taking its ROTC Advanced course.


NSTP Area holds graduation

Each and every one of you is a part of it. You are commenting using your Google account. The Campus NSTP Coordinator gave her closing remarks, and the activity ended with a Unity Dance which was participated in by all the graduates together with the guests and course facilitators. We now ask the question: It is a contrasting scenario to the condition of war to which ROTC is focused against social services in conditions of peace graduztion the cdts two options.

That is why many countries do not consider military training as a co-equal option with CWTS and LTS because military duty is mandatory to all citizens.

Xavier University – NSTP culmination highlights ‘caring for our common home’

Cancel reply Enter your comment here In this class, we have learned to become leaders in our very own way. En hora buena para kanatun todobecause we have finally come to an end.

Let the application, physical exercises and drills be done in the third and fourth year where ROTC is already voluntary, and the students, were being prepared for possible career in military service. I saw students neatly lined up under the scorching heat of the sun.

cwts graduation speech

After which, the emcee introduced the guest speaker, Dr. How will I share all my talents, skills, and knowledge to others?

NSTP Area holds graduation

How our country adopted such a law which weakens some foundations of our military structure is as much a threat to our national security as the overt forces that seek to overthrow it by force.

We just need to make a paradigm shift. What is in the ROTC that they are avoiding? Forget the drills and military exercises, jogging and physical training in the first two years. But we must change in order to survive the competition. Before I end this speech, as what one leader said yesterday, I would like to thank search engines like Google, Yahoo!


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: That is why some partylist ahead of us in membership in Congress are moving heaven and earth to try to unseat this partylist representative.

In many countries, the military draft is mandatory to all her citizens. Worse, even the course syllabus and approaches were subject to interpretation by the implementing Universities.

It is with great pleasure that I revisit with you the purpose and philosophy of military training for the youth that is embodied in the ROTC course. They were being thought how to execute drills elegantly with perfect poise and speed in snapping their feet. So we aim for academic excellence in military science instead of excellence in drill, physical exercise, and skills in military combat.

This is why we have to be more vigilant in Congress of the Philippines where enemies of the state may now have access through possibly some partylist representatives.

That will be difficult for many of us. Then, an enabling law that will provide organizational and funding resources to implement it should be in place.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Until today, seven years after the initial implementation of the NSTP law, some colleges and universities were still not yet comfortable with their approaches to the NSTP Program.