Then, their throats were slit with a sharp weapon. She returned at around 7. During investigation it was established that on They had reached home at around They then cleaned the blood stains on the floor.

Rights of an Arrested Person. Kingfisher beer , a Sprite and Sula whisky. The door to the roof was locked for the first time in the night of the incident from the staircase side. With the growth of society and increasing complexity of crimes, it is necessary that the technological inventions should be utilized to its fullest. The Hon’ble Court granted bail to Dr.

However, both the courts rejected their pleas.

The blood on the pillow of deceased Aarushi shows two blood patterns, one is draining of blood and another is splashed stdy droplets. Some of the blood stained marks were wiped with a cloth. The Delhi Public School, Noida, student was found with her throat slit and stab wounds to her head.

Aarushi Talwar murder case: If not Rajesh and Nupur, who exactly is behind the double murder?

This again showed a complete failure of the police in the examination stduy the witnesses. Police hint at honour killing”. Awakened by the noise, Nupur Talwar came to Aarushi’s room. During investigation by U. Nupur Talwar had found one Golf stick in the loft of the residence of Dr.


Legalising Adultery in India. However, the production house refused to change the script. Speaking through the mesh of the middle grill door, she told Bharati that this door was locked from outside. Dinesh Talwar reveals his close interaction with Dr.

case study of aarushi talwar

Rajesh Talwar used the internet and the last access sarushi made was around [illegible text] He was on net till at least The blood stained mattress etc.

This led people to believe in this theory to such an extent that they thought that the case was filed just for convicting the parents and not for investigation. Talwar which is kept in Dr.

case study of aarushi talwar

Stuxy the Inspector General was charged with the defamatory statement, this story was spiced up by and the confused nation settled on this baffling story which completely destroyed the image of the innocent girl and her parents. On the morning of 16 May, the key was found in its shoe-shaped key ring, on top of a framed wall sculpture near the house entrance, in the living room.

A book and a movie: On the same day, Gurdarshan Singh organized a press conference.

Venkatesan 8 October Mega project is superficial answer to drainage congestion, flood management What is fashion doing in a museum? Crucial cell phone links”.

The police personnel, after inspecting the scene of crime, took photographs of the scene of crime and also took various items in their cawe.


Dr. (Smt.) Nupur Talwar vs State Of U.P. And Anr (Aarushi Murder Case) – Case analysis – iPleaders

The book argues that Aarushi’s parents are the victims of a miscarriage of justice. Minimum time to reach Aarushi’s house by bycycle is 20 minutes whereas the time of death is between The family’s landline phone was kept in the bedroom of Rajesh and Nupur Talwar. Only they had a reason and the ability to dress up the crime scene e. Singhal and Ritcha had been involved in a dispute over her transfer: Rajesh Talwar by aroudn 7.

Dr. (Smt.) Nupur Talwar vs State Of U.P. And Anr (Aarushi Murder Case) – Case analysis

During the night of the incident both the ACs were on. Investigation by UP Police On finding the terrace door locked, they asked for the key of the terrace door of the adjacent flat belonging to Shri Puneesh Tandon. Noida police says the twin murders were done with surgical precision, insider job suspected.

case study of aarushi talwar