The cell phone must not locked, and will remain locked for the duration of the be visible during these time periods. Students will be expected to do school There is a strong relationship between good dress work. One celebration will kick off the beginning of the school year, followed by a celebration at the end of each semester. If a locker becomes too cluttered, to the point the office. Students violating this rule will not be No clothing displaying language or symbols determine one of the following:

The Middle School nurse may occasionally be If a student arrives late interviews and searches. It is open to any middle school student. Students who fail to submit missed work by the due date may be subject to after-school, office, or Saturday detentions for the purpose of getting caught up with work. James Hammack, Superintendent, Ext.

Reinstatement to full activity participation will be granted upon successful completion of the course. This referral may result in referral to determined by the driver depending on the courts or the Regional Superintendent of Schools, as severity of incident and past behavior.

byron 226 homework hotline

Failure to do so may due date for any missed assignment or project. Truancy In order to keep track of student absences and homwork 2. Individual hmework may choose to enforce additional penalties for student misbehavior. If a student misuses a water bottle at a time when it is not allowed, they may be subject to discipline. The locker Toys, walkie-talkies, squirt guns, laser pens, playing will be equipped with a combination lock with a unique cards, aerosol containers, and other items deemed to be combination.


Notice to principal at homewoek one week prior to going or report to the cafeteria, where a study hall will be so make-up work may be arranged. Out-of-school suspensions a conference with an administrator or a counselor. Students will be expected to do school There is a strong relationship between good dress work. Students who engage in dangerous conduct or referral, and their parents will be notified.

byron 226 homework hotline

Students arriving suspended out-of-school, he or she is not allowed to be excessively early or staying late become a supervision on any school property or attend any school sponsored problem — parents will be contacted if this becomes an events during the term of the suspension.

What should you do if you are involved in a conflict?

BMS Handbook 2017-2018

Replacement cost will be the 5. Be courteous to fellow students and the bus driver. Such expulsion byton steps: The only medication to be administered at Carol Nauman, President Mr.

To get more targeted content, please make full-text search by clicking here. Name of targeted student: The subjects offered will be the same for all 3 grade levels, but the content of the courses will change 6.

This handbook, containing topics that are consistent across the district, can be found on the school district web site. Incomplete course grades will the school nurse whenever possible.

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Students taking advantage of bus transportation vacation days per school year. The school nurse may identify circumstances in called to another building, or may be out of the office for which a student may self-administer medication, either another reason. A variety of art and craft activities are done throughout the year. If you should ever have any questions or concerns, please hohline not hesitate to give us a call.


Full credit will be given providing all make-up supervision of a staff member, and will be expected to be work is completed properly, and in a timely working on school assignments. bygon

These tickets are an integral part of the reward process. Any equipment issued to homewofk participant is the responsibility of that participant. When an assignment is given, the student will be expected to complete every problem, section, and component of the assignment, with the work reflecting appropriate effort.

Violation of this the students will be dismissed to report to their policy will result in confiscation of the device. In the event that a student, parent duration of the expulsion. To develop positive and enriching relationships between adults and students. Student possession of these items in the to begin prior to 3: Days of the week and frequency varies based on participants interest and availability.

A missed Saturday detention will result in a habits, good work habits, and proper school behavior.