Which vital sign is most important for the nurse to check before administering the medication? A client who is taking lithium carbonate Lithobid is scheduled for surgery. The nurse is satisfied with the results and tells the client that the baby is safe and that the baby’s heart rate is within normal limits. It is also contraindicated if the client has a history of blood dyscrasias. Which of the following are appropriate steps that are involved in irrigating a client’s eye? Option 1 is unnecessary. A nurse who begins to administer medications to a client via a nasogastric feeding tube suspects that the tube has become clogged.

The client, age 8, is prescribed valproic acid Depokene for treatment of a seizure disorder. The nurse should take which safe action first? FHR of 80 beats per minute 2. The physician orders a STAT ventilation-perfusion scan. Muscle cramps are not expected with chills and shivering or with rising temperatures. Which expected outcome is best for the patient with a nursing diagnosis of Acute Pain related to movement and secondary to surgical resection of a ruptured spleen and possible inadequate analgesia? Which statement, if made by the client, would alert the nurse that the antiparkinson medication is effective?

A year-old divorced mother of four school-age children is hospitalized with metastatic cancer of the ovary. Encouraging patients to ambulate daily C.

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The nurse hesitates to report a critical laboratory value to a physician for fear of receiving an angry, inappropriate response. If this does not work, the nurse should try to flush the tube with warm water.

The paper evove is then discarded, and a second one is used to turn off the faucet to avoid hand contamination. Recommendations in this text are assessed according to their level of evidence LE and Guidelines are given a grade of recommendation GRaccording to a classification system modified from the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Levels of Evidence [ 5 ].


At what time should the peak effects of this medication be expected to take place?

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Inform the physician that it is his or her responsibility to obtain the signature b. Which of the following would indicate to the nurse that the client is experiencing a toxic effect related to the medication? The nurse should study the client’s: Complaints of nausea and vomiting 4.

Bph evolve case study quizlet

Based on these assessment data, which question is important for the nurse to ask the patient? Cardiotoxicity noted by abnormal electrocardiographic findings or cardiomyopathy manifested as congestive heart failure is a toxic effect of daunorubicin. Which evo,ve these assessment data is most important to report to the health care provider immediately?

bph evolve case study quizlet

The solution should be dropped into the conjunctival sac at the inner canthus inside corner of the eye. They are frequently used in the care of clients with heart attacks. The nurse reviews the client’s health history, knowing that this medication is contraindicated if which of the following disorders is present? Show a colorful video about anticoagulation therapy. Which snack choice by the shudy indicates that the teaching has been effective?

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A psychotic client is belligerent and agitated, making aggressive gestures and pacing in the hallway. It would be inappropriate for the client to take Clomid, a drug used for infertility, unless it is determined that the client is suffering from infertility. The nurse will plan to use wet-to-dry dressings syudy providing care for a a.

The nurse reviews the client’s medical record and should contact the health care provider HCP regarding which documented finding to verify the prescription?


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Give only sips of water until the client is able to tolerate solid foods 2. The other clinical manifestations are associated with hypothyroidism. The client is admitted to the hospital with BPH, and a transurethral resection of the prostate is performed. Neonates normal temperature ranges? Because eolve is a GI stimulant, it is contraindicated with GI obstruction, hemorrhage, or perforation.

Options 1 and 2 would not occur in either crisis. Men with African ethnicity origin show quozlet higher incidence of PCa and generally have a more lethal course of disease [ 13 ].

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The nurse would expect a complete blood cell count CBC to reveal a. The nurse instructs the client to avoid consuming which foods while taking this medication? The specimen is optimally obtained early in the morning because sputum has a longer amount of time to collect in the airways during sleep.

A wife whose husband has suffered an MI states, “My husband’s favorite foods are fried chicken and french fried potatoes.

A tissue is offered for the client to absorb solution that flows out of the eye. All the following interventions are included in the patient’s plan of care.