Some features of this site may not work without it. Therefore the company felt that it should have a focussed case and an undiluted attention towards [URL]. The flow is pretty good. While wondering whether the course would meet the objectives and feeling little jittery since I was attending a course after a long time, the cab entered the IIM Ahmedabad campus. Chandramogan that in consideration of lumpsum payment of Rs.

Choose from below Online Classes. After a day of cream, case and deals, how does he unwind? The cases that we were to discuss during the next 5 days were actual real life activities at top to mid-size accounting and law firms across the world. A professor asked him, on behalf of the students, about the qualities necessary for an entrepreneur For this the company proposes to pay a lumpsum consideration of Rs.

He had hit upon the concept of franchising without even studying about it formally THAT was the guts with which he faced his formidable competitors.

My exhilarating experience @IIM Ahmedabad

The entire college studies on the basis of case studies and the rigor is much more than what we were experiencing. Wednesday, April 11, 1: The Company also felt iima necessary that its market should be protected from any competition from iima promoters. And at the same time, he also agreed that a management degree might have accelerated ie growth – saving him about 10 years The case discusses the evolution and growth of a start-up entrepreneurial venture in ice cream manufacture.

He stated that perhaps he would casf have taken the iimz that he took if had been a management grad He explained that the loyalty factor would be higher in this segment of the population A professor asked him, on behalf of the students, about the qualities necessary for an entrepreneur Sunday, May 06, 5: Just 2 minutes from the cafeteria we could hear the noises of a lot of students shouting and hooting.


But, he was absolutely at home handling the questions addressed to him by the fachchaa students I wish someday I also get an opportunity to teach the students of this institution and that would be the day I would say, I am truly a part of IIM Ahmedabad.

Had taken the ice cream to the neighbouring small towns with the positioning “Fresh Ice cream from Madras” We were all shocked since everyone had travelled from some city and it was quite challenging to hear that we were to spend 9 hours after the dinner.

Cae one of the nights after finishing our study material, we thought of visiting the old campus. It is really fascinating. We were given our participation certificates and some very thoughtful mementos including a t-short, group photo that each one of arub would cherish the entire life, all because each of them has IIM Ahmedabad printed on it. Naveenan, Thanks for posting this interesting stuff!!

Arun ice cream case study iima – Ahmedabad among top ice-cream consumers, market expected to double

Now showing items of It was great to be a part of this journey. On arhn average everyone had 5 hours of sleep everyday with tremendous pressure for the class next day.

In iima, Hatsun started yet another ice cream brand, Ibaco. These facts have been gathered from the case written by professors Abraham Koshy and Venkiteswaran and the question answer session we had with Chandramogan.


arun ice cream case study iima

Published in Career Views: What is GSTR 9: These activities were closely watched, recorded, researched and written as case studies by Harvard professors. Once the class got over we were given 3 case studies that were supposed to be read and discussed amongst the groups that all of us were put into.

There cae been numerous debates on the value of an MBA for an entrepreneur and how MBA creates great managers but bad entrepreneurs.

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He came to campus as part of an interaction arranged by the professors of the subject “Strategy Formulation and Implementation” He had competed against the Dasaprakash-es of Chennai He had dropped out of college decades ago and started the venture with a seed capital of Rs. What is your take ive it?

arun ice cream case study iima

People in Chennai would be able to recall the decades old Dasaprakash hotel in Poonamallee high road After completing our meal, we went and noticed to our surprise a football match with some 20 students playing and around 30 students outside the field cheering them up.