The ladies were very eager to share their life experiences with the students. She emphasized that every child has a unique potential to excel in their area of interest and create a value in their life. They invited the children into their rooms and took pictures with kids. There were ladies present from various walks of life that were living in the Aashram, either by personal choice or due to family problems, all living in harmony and living out their life in peace. Many congratulations to the winners. Ishaan and Sarthak An engaging presentation of special moments from the work routine of the support staff captured on camera by students was shown on the occasion.

Children participated earnestly in the competition. This included gifts such as stationary items, few books, clothes, bags. Newton Circus Physics Department Activity. Stirring their taste buds they enjoyed the delicacy with their classmates, teachers and Ayah didi. Manipulations of the World: Right from running cold water on a burn to first washing an animal bite, before going to the hospital, everything was explained to the students in a very engaging manner. Arunima Bhat V A.

afbbs holiday homework 2015

The society board comprises of eminent educationists — Sh. It brought out the deep respect the student community has for them. Books shelved as lyric-essay: Shortmovie what s for homework.

The students of homdwork school then gave the gifts that they had brought for the Aashram as a sign of care and compassion. A school is always a ‘world in miniature’ where one receives the ‘training for life’, where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place.


afbbs holiday homework 2015

Its easier to just cross over here. They wrote moral values on it. The different folk dances performed by the houses filled the environment with a feeling of nationalism.

She emphasized that every child has a unique potential to excel in their area of interest and create a value in their life. The children in the NGO were very excited and happy on homedork gifts. After having their delightful cup of homewok cream, they danced to some peppy music and merrily sang songs on summer. Click here to view the circular. She urged them to accept their success with humility and grace. C Best site ever – billabong school bhopal holiday homework for.

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Ananya Mishra V D. They took the students to a room where fully automatic human operated cleanser, homogenizer and pasteurizer machines were present. Samiq Raza and Manglam. The students got excited and curious after reaching at Mother Dairy plant.

Afbbs holiday homework 2015

Simrit Singh V D 7. If knowledge and experience are passed on, a sustainable and self-perpetuating effect is achieved gomework allows families and whole communities to progress. Vidhi Singh V E Arunima Bhat V A 5. The video on how ice cream is made added to their high spirits and they learnt about the various ingredients of ice cream.


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The participants dressed up in colourful costumes swayed affbbs the beats of folk music. Children participated earnestly in the competition. Afgji holiday homework for class 6 image 3. Report on Visit to Mother Dairy. Click here to view the report.

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The event Newton Circus helped students in learning science through daily life activities. Aarav Chauhan V A. Some children truly brought out the essence of the poems they recited through the energy and expression they put in. A total of 87 students were holidayy merit prizes. Today it is considered as one of the leading institutions in the. Facility The purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Sammer and Aryam At the Crafts Museum the students got to see a lot of artifacts from various places all over India along with the various textiles and a variety of tribal textiles which highlight the diversity of our country.