The campaign led by many graduate students has been successful in reinstating stipends for Fall , and in being involved with drafting a new policy. Involvement in volunteering for Naqabati, the campaign for the Order of Engineers and Architects syndicate elections. In following years, similar proposals were submitted by various student representatives, and the IT department has been working on several different solutions taking feedback from many students, faculty, and staff. You will also be standard of achievement reflecting Masters level work. Please note that you must clearly state the request and your reasons for the request. As an inactive FAS graduate student who has left AUB for more than one semester , you should select and fill the reactivation form on the right hand side of the OPFS main page the login page.

Implementation is underway and needs the collaboration of all departments. Use this request if you have an approved incomplete requested by your course instructor, but you have failed to complete the final course work within the first four weeks of the beginning of the next regular semester. A new USFC logo was adopted. Some were approved, some were stalled for the whole year, and others were voted down by the USFC. Use this request to audit a course. In we submitted a proposal to the creation of an implementation subcommittee to continue the work of previous USFCs.

Make sure to attach your thesis proposal to your petition. This proposal was approved and implemented. This propowal also been partially implemented and requires follow-up. Inour USFC proposa demanded longer shuttle bus hours between lower and upper campus. Grading system In Fallthe administration had planned a change from percentage-based grading to letter-based grading, which in its original form would have had negative side effects of decreasing the GPA over 4.


Use this request to modify your thesis proposal, only if you submitted the first version online.

Our Work for Student Rights and Demands

Thesis proposal template — IEI The content, structure, and organization of a thesis proposal also provide the basis for the final thesis document itself. This proposal was not added to the agenda. This is being gradually aubb with the renovation of Nicely classrooms, and installing ID access requires follow up.

thesis proposal petition aub

This needs follow up in upcoming years. Update Status from Prospective: Select the various committee members of professorial rank.

Inrepresentatives of Campus Choice suggested for the USFC to hold regular town hall meetings with the student body, which was not implemented. Contact the concerned individual where the petition has been pending. You will usually receive an e-mail that notifies you that your petition has been closed and the reason for closure. This thesos been partially implemented over the past years and requires follow-up.

They also proposed to make voting decisions public, but this proposal did not get a majority vote. Please note that you must clearly state the request and your reasons for the request.

FAQ regarding Online Petitions and Forms System (Graduate Students)

Debes estar registrado para responder a este debate. The electoral law was amended to have students directly elect their USFC representatives. They held several town hall meetings to share their progress with graduate students, which sparked the current campaign for these demands. The conference proposaal awards for the best presentation.


Our Work for Student Rights and Demands – AUB Secular Club

Attendance became mandatory and recorded in the meeting minutes. The leave of absence prpposal can be up to one year at a time. Use this request if you have missed the deadline for withdrawal or if you need to withdraw from a course for medical or other reasons.

Use this request to submit your thesis proposal. Use this request if you want to join a major or change your major within admissions deadlines.

This document provides a description of a thesis outline. However, if you are not given any guidelines on how to format your research proposal. Extension to thesis defense deadline, waiving of prerequisites, etc.

thesis proposal petition aub

In we pushed for establishing a financial student contract for all current students. However, the demands for adding new courses and new faculty members were achieved.

The report was submitted to the Student Housing Office and the Physical Plant, which implemented some of the recommendations. This is being partially implemented and requires follow-up. Make sure to attach your project proposal to your petition. In we submitted a petitoon to the creation of an implementation subcommittee to continue the work of previous USFCs.