A few things to keep in mind: This simply means ‘and others’. To support your arguments by referring your reader to academic sources which confirm what you are saying. Only the year of publication will appear in brackets. We have a couple of simple conventions you should remember:. The full reference list entry will contain more information like the title, edition, type of material, place of publication etc. What professors actually require:

If the quotation spans 2 pages in your source, you would mention both of them, e. The full citation appears in brackets. Just mention the first author followed by et al. This is when you copy the exact words from a book, journal article, website, etc. What professors actually require:

Just make sure you make it clear in the way you write it. What professors actually require: The year of publication Petroleum spills in the marine environment: The title, in italics [online].

The reference list is entirely linked to the citations in your text, and it gives full details of the sources you have used. Each one of your citations must match a reference list entry. The year of publication Horizontal drilling and openhole gravel packing with oil-based fluids: Writing in science and technology: The Stages of Referencing.

If the author is also the publisher, you can just put the abbreviation as the publisher In your sentence, when you first refer to the organisation, you should write it out in full. To give credit to the other authors whose work you have quoted, or to whose work you have referred.


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The University has a very strict policy against plagiarism and dealing with students accused of it. This will always be in italics and only the first letter should be capitalised. When you directly quote: To esssay your arguments by referring your reader to academic sources which confirm what you are saying.

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Apr 29, 9: According to Smithewsay is a tendency to Keep it plain and simple! English for Specific Purposes8 6pp.

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Features arranged in alphabetical order by author appears at the end of your document you don’t need numbers, bullet points, start or any other pretty symbols to decorate your references. If it is at the end of a sentence, it will always appear before the full stop.

RGU Harvard Referencing – The Basics: Guide

Only the year of publication will appear in wirting. Guide RGU Harvard Referencing Referencing is a critical element in any wrriting assignment and during your studies at RGU, you will always be required to reference your sources according to our guidelines.

To demonstrate that you understand the conventions of academic writing. Horowitz Because we are still speaking about the same author and source as in the previous sentence, we don’t have to cite Horowitz again.

rgu essay writing

We have a couple of simple conventions you should remember: So you don’t miss out any references, make sure you write the reference essxy entry as soon as you insert a citation! When you directly quote and use the author s name s in the sentence: While an English professor was largely concerned with the surface features of papers, the sociology professor paid more attention to “what knowledge the student had acquired than in how well the report was written” Berkenkotter and Huckin p.


To allow the reader of your work to find the books, journal articles, web pages etc. Features appears at the very end, after the reference list arranged in alphabetical order by author it may or may not be a requirement for your assignment. Rest of the world City, Country Geneva, Switzerland: The exception is when there are no pages, like webpages or Kindle books, where page numbers vary depending on text size.

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Anything more, put the et al. The author s name s comes out of the citation, leaving the year of publication and page reference in brackets. English in academic and research settings.