Lancia Thesis — Frontansicht, The system works automatically or semi-automatically. There has been a mistake while sending you an email. An on-board computer system with micro-TV camera and radar provides all information required for comprehensive monitoring of the road. A space where material is used to ensure wellbeing and good looks.

Compartments and spaces are present, but hidden, waiting to open when needed. We also provide customized offers allowing you to even better operate our alert system, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. A space where material is used to ensure wellbeing and good looks. The joystick is located between the front seats and is the main control terminal for on-board instruments and controls. There has been a mistake while sending you an email. NL XR Roermond. Lancia Thesis Centenario bicolore.

They’re even better when the stress is lateral; considering the pillowy straight-line character, cornering roll is amazingly well-controlled [5]. When the wheel drives over an obstacle, it retracts to reduce the disturbance transmitted to the body and thus the perceived vibrations.

One of the most innovative features of the multilink rear suspension is its virtual pitch centre.

Lancia Thesis

Used lancia Lancia thesis. Offer free free per month Offer premium 9. This makes it possible to record environmental conditions such as gradient or road grip and detect any anomalies e. In this view, it would have been better to offer a vehicle in the Mondeo price range rather than the more conservative sector contested by the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Thesiw [7].

The light, air and sound dissemination areas are covered in clear, breathable lqncia cloth. An elasto-kinematic toe-in system also significantly increases car stability when cornering.


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Life in an ideal microclimate Imagine an ideal microclimate where all climatic, acoustic, visual and even olfactory conditions transmit pleasant, protective, healthy and relaxing sensations. Trijota Omicron Ro tesis Information is controlled by a joystick similar to a home remote control unit positioned between the front seats.

The instrument panel moves to accommodate the change and can be reconfigured. The sophisticated model reference monitoring and test system forecasts car behaviour and compares it continually with true behaviour as revealed by the on-board sensors.

The transmission can work automatically or semi-automatically, but the controls do not get in the way of the area between the front seats.

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These hints are immediately denied by an interplay of smooth curves and rounded edges, that speaks a completely new and appealing stylistic language. The central monitor is used for seeing behind the car to eliminate blind spots.

As a result, obstacles such as potholes or uneven surfaces cannot cause the wheel to vibrate or turn.

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They offer the colour and brightness best suited to different situations and occasions. Yet the facia is not in the normal place, but tucked away at the bottom where it cannot get in the 100yh. Be it navigator, radio, climate control system or screen, we should not have to adapt to the way it works.

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This new soft revolution is not based on hard technology as in the past a case in point was the Lambda with its impressive total of 100tn world patents but still radically changes our experience of the car. They are all packed into a concept car, thesiis has been named the Lancia Dialogos. Ventilation and lighting of the preferred colour and intensity are diffused through breathable trim.


The information is transmitted to the control systems present on the car robotised gearbox, live differential which adapt to the concrete situation to guarantee greater safety. The robotised transmission is a conventional transmission fitted with an electro-hydraulic actuator.

lancia thesis 100th

The front suspension is multilink, with a virtual steering axis determined by virtual points instead of physical suspension points.

Dear user, Don’t miss your next car, place an alert on posting an alert on theparking is like posting alerts on dozens of other websites. Silver-grey two tone, red leather or Rossini grey-brown two tone, Cuoio Havana leather Earliest prototype of Thesis was Giubileo, presented to Pope John Paul II, bearing very similar body although modified as a landaulet.

lancia thesis 100th

It swallows big lumps, whatever your speed. Don’t miss your next car, posting an alert on theparking is like posting tehsis on dozens of other websites.

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