What do you think about GenomeEditing and genetic engineering? Our country is supposed to facilitate the poor-middle economic class society, so that they can live up, and improve their living Facilitating the poor-middle economy class society is a key to our success, if we could send these people to start a new life in those island which stolen already, the other nation wouldn’t have disturb our complete nation. August Corneles Tamawij-Karundeng “Pentingnya sumbangsih etika Kristen dalam menanggapi persoalan korupsi di Indonesia” 2. They have to make regulations about these problems in Jakarta, about people whose caught do crime will be send to the jail and must pay some value of money, about the beggar and place them in one place to take care of them, and about the children who don’t have parents, those poor people too. Next from the vehicle. They can do that corruption because their job in the governmental, the missing their job.

Adapun beberapa calon yang saat ini santer beredar di masyarakat untuk menggantikan Prasetyo antara lain Jamintel Jan Maringka, dan Antasari Azhar. Farmers prefer to leave their hometowns in order to work in the city due to a lack of government incentives in the agricultural sector. Since Jakarta is the Central of Indonesia and have the biggest population, we must care and protect each other because we are living in the same city. The winners will be contacted soon by Globethics. Moreover these gases can cause diseases, mostly breathing problem, like cough, or lung failure. But how if they still doing Corruption, that will make disadvantages for the society. However the government should concern about this, by rising private car tax, so that the producer would reduce their productivity.

Farmers prefer to leave their hometowns in order to work in the city due to a lack of government incentives in the agricultural sector.


essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Can that water be consumed by the people; because, according to the experts, the water in the river or water from the flood had been contaminated many kinds of bacteria. Traffic Jam Next about Traffic Jam. See more of Globethics.

Recent Post by Page. We can define Corruption as taking something from someone which doesn’t belong to you.

When this occurs, a huge amount of money is spent for nothing, and some of them simply go to corruptor’s pocket. Many factors which cause damages in all areas, these problems are high level of pollution which makes the environment dirty and spread out some dangerous diseases. There are not enough spaces for the overflowing rubbish. Care about your City. The government should take care about them. Download them today for free!

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Adapun beberapa calon yang saat ini santer beredar di masyarakat untuk menggantikan Prasetyo antara lain Essay Jan Maringka, dan Antasari Azhar. Next it’s about beggar, too many beggar in Jakarta, pwmberantasan are countless.

This solution can hardly be treated as a project, this solution is not meant to isolate the poor, but to give them chance of a new life. The river is wrongly used as a garbage dump. They don’t care about that. Why they don’t think to invest their money to business, and whatever in the right way. People simply throw their rubbish anywhere, anytime, which will mess everything up.

Implementasi Revolusi Mental dalam Pemberantasan Korupsi di Kejagug “Memble”

Jakarta now is a portrait of an overpopulated city in Indonesia. Sometimes they work very well, but sometimes not.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Achmad Asroni “Membumikan etika dan religiusitas anti-korupsi: However, whatever type of begging is not good, because people could find work if they really desire it. Jakarta — Pakar Hukum Pidana dari Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia Prof Dr Suparji Ahmad menyatakan, bahwa sejauh ini proses pemberantasan tindak pidana korupsi di Indonesia faktanya masih banyak kasus besar yang belum terselesaikan oleh Kejaksaan. So less people will use private car. Traffic jam happened in many places in Jakarta.


Dirinya pun berpendapat kejaksaan saat ini seperti terserang penyakit kronis. For example, they recycle safety rubber into a chopstick cover. There are a lot of reports of these threatening waste, but the government remains immobile The waste from the hospital is most dangerous, because it’s from there the deadly viruses flow to the rivers, rivers in which poor people used for bath, drink, and to wash dishes and clothes. The warming esssay the earth affects the ices in both poles, they melt faster than predicted, which means the sea level will increase drastically, the whole world is going to drown.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The fact that we are rich, but we can’t protect what’s rightfully ours. That is against the fifth principle. The rivers full of water. Decay of matter as by rot or oxidation 4.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Overpopulation is a great challenge for not only developing but also highly developed countries, because it causes the increasing level of human consumption of energy, food and water. Human overpopulation is caused both by high population growth rates, as well as migration from rural areas.