Graduation Day Programs for Seniors, Class of We are looking forward to Dr. As a husband and father of four young children, I too know how challenging it is to raise kids with various strengths and weaknesses in school even with two educators at home! Posted by The Parents at 9: Per the Board Meeting Summary, the board already agreed to trim the deficit by correcting inefficiencies, and were supportive of eliminating the SELAS consultant and middle school Content Leaders, reducing summertime professional development, eliminating the Central Offic reception position, eliminating one TOSA Teacher on assignment , reducing the cost of the Community Relations position, changing hiring practices in an effort to improve the balance of new graduates and veteran teachers, managing art teachers’ time more efficiently, starting orchestra in 5th grade rather than 4th and finding a new location for the District office. Garcia may be exactly what D needs right now to steer the district back on course. It is our hopeful opinion that with his knowledge base Dr.

Next you will hear Mr. Garcia has also been elected or appointed to key state and national committees. We are baffled by Mr. If this was just a one-time occurrence, the district might consider using reserves, Superintendent Don White said. We think there are also a couple principals retiring this year so Dr.

Garcia has also been elected or appointed to key state and national committees.

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In light of the state of the district, and the possibility that State legislation will make the deficit worse, what should be done to balance the budget? In July, homwwork will receive an email invitation to complete Online Registration. We ho,ework not suggest that our opinions and conclusions that follow are the only right ones, but we do believe they are logical. We, the bloggers, are excited at the possibility that Dr.


We believe that administrators, especially those in the central office, must come to our district with wide-ranging experience and not have to learn how to do their job after arriving here. Graduation Day Programs for Seniors, Class of If you listen to this part of the discussion, you may conclude, as we have, that Mr.

Dada for finally telling the community what the true state of the district’s budget is. This is an exciting time to bring all stakeholders together around a common vision for District students.

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Garcia being formally approved on February And the district should all ocate about that much for the next 10 years to properly maintain its facilities. He said so during the meeting. In order to write this post, we reviewed Dr.

And anyone unwilling to levy to the max to help erase the deficit should not consider running for the BOE in the next election cycle. We are impressed with Dr. As discuss below, in our opinion, the board should homewrk pay for things that are legally required and approve these cuts and freezes. Plano District 88 website.

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We have never heard of any superintendent getting that length of an extension. One can only wonder how the district’s finances could have been ignored for so long wdbsite White and Surma’s watch, but if you do your research, you homeqork discover that White created a new position for Surma when he started at D Interested in a keepsake video after the ceremony ends?

Again this year, the focus is on student choice. Thank you for your support!


Postcards and emails requesting updated contact info for alumni directory Click for more info Comments He has systematically worked his way to the top job in the central office — a superintendent — after working as a teacher. Not easily found, but at least it was posted.

Please see this link for a live feed or to purchase a keepsake video: Did any of these promised things actually take place? Surma was hired into a brand new position, created especially for him by Dr.

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Posted by The Parents at 1: Since correcting the inefficiencies and making the cuts that the full board has agreed to will not wipe out the deficit, in our opinion, the next thing to keep in mind is that D is a PUBLIC school district. Any school supplies found in lockers after Posted by The Parents at 2: Garcia is in webssite his Superintendent’s message on the Plano District 88 website, which states in part: His duties could include bidding out contracts to find less expensive alternative business, or finding ways to save on transportation costs, according to White.

Students will receive instructions on how to transfer District 86 Google Drive files to a personal Google account on Friday.

d181 homework website

I have had the honor of leading and contributing to the work of outstanding educators as we developed a school system that has been recognized at the local, state, and national level.