Either way, it was liberating. Myself and student organizers are dying to meet you! I told Marion that I was taught to handle things most directly. Perhaps tackling change at one of the highest levels of society could be a an incredibly valuable part of the education process. Who can read and write English.

For now I will tell you that… I hurt when you deny my narrative I hurt when YOU classify me as a risk factor or being at risk. Do things get done right or do we do the right thing? PaintedCrow who urged that out of dignity and respect for her narrative and service to the United States, that the microanalysis portion of the assignment where students were initially asked to diagnose and treat Ms. We look forward to working collaboratively with you. I speak not only for myself, but for other veteran women wounded by journalists and now social workers; it just keeps growing. Instead you are taking a legalistic approach to whether a public figure signs her life away trying to do something good for women veterans. April 26 September 2, Dear CUSSW friends, Thank you so much to the students who were able to attend tonight’s town-hall meeting as well as those who were there in spirit!

She is my commander all over again. PaintedCrow, organize meetings and do outreach.

cussw capstone project

Subscribe to this blog. She got tired of fighting As you may or may not know, members of the student body gathered on the evening of Tuesday, April 26,to discuss the serious ethical considerations and impacts that have emerged with regards to the Capstone project.

Young sista mighta said it in class Now we scream it out loud so her memory lasts. Or even better ptoject about white folks where are they in your case studies? Eli was largely the inspiration behind SWAN. I see that as the most professional thing that has been done.


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Your concern for me is patronizing. We just have to make social and institutional change we want to see happen. Dear CUSSW friends, Thank you so much to the students who were able to attend tonight’s town-hall meeting as well as those who were there in spirit!

cussw capstone project

Posted in Comment Box. Perhaps that is why this happened. Late last night, the faculty sent out a note to the Capstone students with the assignment modified both the announcement and revised case guide are attached. I was at the meeting last night and I have been so impacted by this.

Process Recording — LIS: During yesterday’s outreach, Marion Riedel came up capsyone students and told us that we were essentially creating a more polarized situation than we needed to, that we, the students, had allies in the Capstone Committee, and caapstone why we hadn’t “just come up to her office and talk.

Are you contacting me instead? I hurt when YOU classify me as a risk factor or being at risk.

I can see your intention to keep me at a distance from this issue by skyping me in as an alternative to flying me there. I can imagine that you have probably written a book or two and as an author you have become a public figure. Ask any Native brother or sister and they will answer the same. We can discuss the concept further if need be. I was under duress when she interviewed me, just barely seeking therapy, and I am under duress again and in therapy again, due to her disregard for the humanity of my life.


Yeah, but when I was at [large less-expensive state school] for undergrad most things were better. Of course students wouldn’t have to ask your permission because you are a “public persona”. For one reason or another I only just got a round to reading through it this weekend.

The lack of respect and dignity by the author in authorizing this knowing my feelings about writing my story continues to keep me in survival mode. I invite you to look in your hearts to give me back my dignity and my humanity not because a law is broken, but because my spirit is shattering every day I have to deal with this.

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PaintedCrow directly, students are eager to speak with all of you in an open community forum. We talked about transgender identity in one class. I will forward to my friend Cheryl Franks who left Columbia because of their policies and procedures. There will be a tabling today from noon to 2: This is an Ivy League capsttone.