I have a 3. Hoping any sooner is just going to stress you out more. When did you turn in your packets? I want to hear back already!! Register a new account. My best to everyone here who is waiting, I hope you get in!

I submitted my application on January 7th and I’m really anxious about it. On January 29, at I have a 3. Sign In Sign Up. I checked my application status and it said I have been granted admissions I went on mycsulb and accepted but have not received any email from the department. Hey everyone, I was just accepted into the 2 year program! Since graduation for the past 2.

So more waiting I suppose!

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Posted February 9, Posted January 19, edited. I have a 3. Also, I did receive an email confirming they had received csupb application materials. I still haven’t heard anything and I’m starting to believe it’s less and less likely I’ll be accepted.

Visa processing, finding accommodation etc, is nerve-wracking.

MSW Application Requirements

I just went back and read the thread from last year. I want to hear back already!!

csulb personal statement msw

Then also almost 5 years experience with a safe home for women and children. Edited January 19, by BackNSchool I hope we receive some type of email saying perslnal they will be sending out acceptance letters soon. When did you turn in your packets?


csulb personal statement msw

Posted January 29, This said, depending on how many applications they have received that week, it might not be immediate. Posted February 3, Just curious – when you say you applied on the application deadline do you mean the statemenr one or final one? I don’t have a lot caulb experience in the field so I’m hopping my personal statement and letter of rec will give me that extra boost.

Posted October 25, edited. I wouldn’t stress out about it. Posted February 6, Here is my timeline: Or the application status?

csulb personal statement msw

Thanks for starting this thread! I have almost a year of experience with special needs, personal experience with LGBT and addictions. This is my first year applying to a graduate program as I will be graduating with a B.

My dsulb to everyone here who is waiting, I hope you get in! I’m hoping when they review my personal statement and resume they will realize that the reason I don’t have more volunteer or internship experience is because I had to work to pay for undergrad. Volunteer experience with a neigborhood organization for about 5 years.


One is a sociology professor I took several classes with, and the other two are the owners of the company I work for. I am sending my application in tomorrow.

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Posted February 2, Sign in Already have an account? Hoping any sooner is just going to stress you out more. Statemenf anyone else who mailed it via standard mail received emails?

I mailed in my application via standard mail on January 7th and I haven’t received any emails saying they received it or anything.