Also provided is a checklist of skills for virtual reference, tips on basic chat etiquette, and advice on adjusting library policies in light of a new service. Service Policies and Guidelines. American Library Association, This fact sheet offers a selection of articles, web resources, and some vendor information that will provide an introduction to the issues to consider when considering implementing virtual reference services. The Desk and Beyond: Association of College and Research Libraries,

Live Reference eGroup This Yahoo! Virtual reference is reference service initiated electronically, often in real-time, where patrons employ computers or other Internet technology to communicate with reference staff, without being physically present. David, and Philip Nast. This collection is intended to provide inspiration for potential reference services at your library; each chapter provides an introduction to an innovative service concept and an annotated list of sources for additional research. This paper describes the service at the University of Canterbury NZ , our reasons for offering it, the process of implementation and preliminary results.

Wordrererence authors discuss the building of consortia, motivational and coaching techniques for staff, instant messaging options, creation of subject-specific taxonomies, interpersonal communications improvement, methods of assessment, and more. Briefly sketches the origins of online chat, summarizes the contributions, and discusses common themes that have emerged from the contributor viewpoints.


Neal-Schuman Library Technology Companion: Virtual Reference on a Budget: Ask a Librarian Online and Offline. In order to reflect the growing role of the digital environment while still respecting the importance of in-person interaction, a balance of physical and virtual methods has been maintained. This book outlines and evaluates the current status of the digital reference service in libraries worldwide.

Skip to main content. Virtual worlds Association of Virtual Worlds http: Available online at http: Chandos information professional series.

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Exploration of administrative issues through the lens of the Kano Model and discussion of balancing customer service with the limited resources available to academic libraries introducing a new service.

Provides guidance for developing a program that will help librarians develop confidence and finesse at the virtual desk.

Virtual Reference: A Selected Annotated Bibliography

This handbook helps reference librarians develop the communication skills and resources they need to work effectively in the virtual reference environment.

Rather, the focus is on process, from understanding what live virtual reference is to implementing the service, including planning, staffing, training, marketing, and evaluation. Meola, Marc, and Sam Stormont. Finally, there are suggestions for publicizing and marketing a virtual reference service.

Association wrodreference Virtual Worlds http: Instant messenger IM services receive the most attention in this book; proprietary chat and E-mail reference are also covered.


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wordreferemce Internet Reference Services Quarterly. Reference and User Services Association. Kern outlines the tools and decision-making processes that will help you and your library evaluate, tailor, and launch virtual reference services that are a perfect fit for your community and your library.

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This article focuses on virtual reference librarianship and the public library user, exploring the advantages of virtual reference in a public library setting as well as describing virtual reference service and virtual users.

Service Policies and Guidelines. From Competencies to Assessment.

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Libref-L This list serv provides a moderated discussion of issues related to reference librarianship, including, but not limited to virtual reference. Live Reference eGroup This Yahoo! Granfield, Diane, and Mark Robertson. This collection shares experts’ best practices, forward looking models, and advice on new developments in virtual reference.

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The Desk and Beyond: A Basic Guide for Library Staff. Digital versus Non-Digital Reference: The Virtual Evaluation Toolkit. Virtual reference desk series. Managing an Established Virtual Reference Service.