However, if the VTAC Personal Statement is not listed under essential requirements and admission criteria the selection authorities may not consider the information you supply. Using lots of colours can be distracting so keep it simple and in a format that’s easy to read. Organising and submitting your evidence for a SEAS application can take several weeks. See Dates and fees. Note though that course selection authorities may access your information earlier for selection in early offer rounds. Keep your responses brief and to the point to avoid going over the character limit.

Use this section to provide details about any past or current academic performance relevant to your course preferences, briefly outlining the exact circumstances whether positive or negative and how they affected your academic performance. Be creative with your language, but not overly verbose. You consent to the use of our cookies if you proceed. VTAC advises applicants to familiarise themselves with what is required early, and to make any appointments required for a statement of support as soon as possible. If you don’t quite meet your course entry requirements or criteria, it’s an alternative way for our admissions team to assess your application and learn more about you and your strengths. It may also be a good idea to get a friend, family member or colleague to look over it. You can use the last section to direct specific comments to individual courses.

If you wish to direct comments to specific course preferences, identify the course in your comments. This section will ask about languages you are familiar with other than English. Organising and submitting your evidence for a SEAS application can take several weeks.

This is an important one. It may also be a good idea to get a friend, family member or colleague to look over it. If you leave it to the last minute and write it in a hurry, it will show.


vtac personal statement guide

Going over a specified limit may make you ineligible. Undergraduate applications Online study applications Postgraduate by coursework applications Research degree applications International student applications International postgraduate online study Who can apply?

How to write a personal statement | Deakin

If no limit has been specified it’s best to keep your statement as concise as possible. Make sure your verbs agree with your nouns for example the team was, not the team were.

vtac personal statement guide

You should list your achievements, work experience, skills and any obstacles you’ve overcome. Types of research degrees Research degree entry pathways How to apply – research degrees How to find a supervisor International research students.

You will receive a transaction number confirming your submission. Your personal statement must be submitted as a PDF so be sure to check your spacing and layout doesn’t change when you convert your document. Animal ethics Biosafety and biosecurity Human ethics Radiation safety.

Your personal statement could be the difference between you getting a place at Deakin or missing out. You will be asked how many additional languages you understand, what they are and how you would rate your ability to speak, read, write and understand each one.

Research Become a research student Why choose Deakin? Note that each section has strict character limits letters, spaces and punctuation marksnot a word limit. If you have experienced any disadvantage during your studies you should make a SEAS application. Institutes and centres Faculties and schools Collaborations.

Keep date formats the same throughout. Briefly outline the circumstance and timeline including how long you have experienced gujde disadvantage. Financial disadvantage is most often demonstrated with documentation from Centrelink or the Family Tax benefit, however if you don’t get either you can provide other evidence.


Comments directed to specific course preferences can be entered in the last section of the form. See Dates and fees.

Provide evidence for SEAS

It is a good idea to write a draft of your responses first so that what you ultimately submit is written to the best of your abilities and includes all relevant details. Home Am I eligible? Alumni Update your details Alumni benefits Discounts and offers Postgraduate bursary Library membership.

It may seem obvious, but getting your spelling and grammar right is important. This is your chance to let us know why you would make a great Deakin student or why you may not have previously performed as well as you know you could.

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Include any voluntary work or activities, as these are a great reflection of who you are as a person and what you believe in. Using lots of colours can be distracting so keep it simple and in a format that’s perwonal to read. Only provide what is specified as quality, not quantity, is the key persoonal providing good and useful evidence. You might also like to describe your current field of interest and any future employment goals you have.