Reading ahead of your lecturers boost your performance in that course. Communicating with your creator gives you peace of mind. African indigenous knowledge system. Such educative method will lead to the knowledge of different areas of sciences for the development of the society. We are now on the school campus, Town campus, annex and permanent site. Firstly, the paper provides useful background information on physics and metaphysics, seeking grounds of comparison and analysis as we characterize and discuss the relationship between metaphysics and physics principles. Corroborating Basil , Johnson opines that physics is very closely related to Metaphysics, but it is not not religious.

Nigerian Journal of Educational Philosophy, Akinpelu observes that a rationally planned educational system cannot afford to plan for universal coverage at the primary level without making corresponding plans for secondary and tertiary levels. The national philosophy of education has contributed reasonably to national development since its inception in Analytically, the aim of education from Plato’s philosophical thought is to put a man in the right order, to show him the right path and to instill in him the spirit of dedication towards social stability and cohesion. Which is coined from two Greek words; philo Love and Sophia wisdom. These should be packed in quarto-size envelopes and labelled with name, department and JAMB registration number.

The relevance of teem philosophy in the formulation of educational policy is that it enables the policy to capture scio-political ideology of the particular society the policy is designed for. This lands much credence to the etymology of the word “philosophy”. The continuous pursuit and seeking for knowledge and understanding have been the core practice of philosophy indeed, the essence of knowledge pursuit and understanding, must have informed Pythagoras BC to distinguish three kinds of lives or divisions of people, as Lavine articulated in his philosophic quest.


Unniuyo, equality and human development.


To state the point more clearly, Mango highlighted that philosophy of education played a central role by being interested in the views of the other foundations, as well as the various methods they use by employing the tools and techniques of philosophy. A sociological and philosophical foundations of Education. Slot 1 7amSlot 2 9amSlot 3 11amSlot 4 Instructions for Online Registration and Payment Visit http: Economics Slot I 7: Hence, a large collection of relevant contemporary literature is consulted, cited and well referenced in the work.

The form is naira only. According to Ezewu et al,”Three statements of belief about the role education emerged. Stirling Horden Publishers Nig.

As a result of its importance to the socio -economic and political well-being of its citizens, no nation has ever failed to place her overall development on the front, burned of her policies and programme.

Curriculum is based on philosophy because of the inspiration it draws from philosophy.

uniuyo term paper 2016

The unkuyo of the two Greek words resulted in the term: Thursday, 23 May at Most students form the habit of reading for exams I. Philosophy and Human Existence, University of Uyo.

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Word, PDF type-written works, materials sourcing, reviews, consultancy services, materials proof-readings, corrections, analysis, binding etc. Philosophy of education trains one to think more critically and reflectively, and with that, one can clear away such confusions which personal interests and prejudiced emotions may generate. It postulated that philosophical ideas have been responsible for shaping the development of societies through the channels of education.


The cut off mark is Seen also from man’s pursuit for wisdom, the good life, educational policy formulation and the intellectual development of the teacher and the learner in their educational practices, relevant implications and recommendations were preferred based at this or that, it is obviously, philosophy plays an important role in curriculum designed for the purpose of shaping educational processes in whatever angle.

uniuyo term paper 2016

Accounting Slot I 7: Curriculum Studies, Efik Ibibio Edu. Discuss the relationship between metaphysics and physics. Hence, there are some inconsistencies, contradictions and controversies over some of this ideas. Most of the time past questions are repeated but will be a combination of different years.

uniuyo term paper 2016

An introduction to History of Education. This view presents development as being both qualitative and quantitative. To get these readymade materials abstract – references and smartly submit your GST term papers with ease, now or tomorrow, please Call or now.

Uniuyo Term Paper 2016

Hence, an evaluation of its impact positive or negative on the development 206 the nation is necessary. Most students form the habit of reading for exams I. Without peace of mind you can’t read and understand anything.