The schedule can be found here: Freshman 5 months ago Overall Experience Report. However, the social atmosphere was much more polarized and disjointed than that of a normal high school. Most clubs received their first choice product. The engineering projects we work on are challenging and the satisfaction felt when successfully completing an assignment or scoring well on an exam is genuine.

Taking Part in Techstravaganza. Banners, balloons, and streamers crowded the room as enthusiasts celebrated and presented an array of inventiveness and enthusiasm into their role calls and best dressed. Most clubs received their first choice product. After the committee presented their proposals, the proposals were either accepted, rejected, or revised. Just don’t force your child to attend if they don’t want to go.

We remove just a little bit of stress by making the summer assignments not required and start the in a positive way.

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Arts Gala – Art Submissions. The facilities were nice, though, and if you are only seeking a good polict, then it’s a good place to go. Be creative, and the more the merrier! French students spend Spring Break exploring France.

PTSA Documents

If you are interested in attending, you can either participate in Town Hall meetings or email your class council about your interest. See you in February, TJ! Bonitatibus emphasizes that a considerable amount of learning happens outside of school. My one complaint about the school is that it can become challenging to arrange your schedule to fit in non-STEM classes, such as music or foreign language.

The topics of these meetings will be posted to the SGA page in advance of the meeting, and if you are interested in attending or want more information, you should email SGA at sga.


Although your first reunion is Name required Email Address required. You polixy run only if you Although pep rallies happen every day during lunches, various other activities ensued including the MEX performances on the final homecoming spirit day.

tjhsst homework policy

From the choreographers leading MEX to actors performing their tjhsts in the spirit videos, students with varying expertise endeavored for several weeks to establish the elements of homecoming. Bonitatibus acknowledges that required summer workload may not be reasonable and believes that making them optional will improve mental health in the Jefferson community.

Such as empowering clubs like the black student union, which currently is just an excuse for kids hang out with friends in a free period. However, meeting the few minority students I always enjoy their company, and I hope for more of such students in the future.

tjhsst homework policy

There are also a lot more math classes available that aren’t offered in base schools, although I personally never took any of these as I was more of a bio kid.

As there is no actual way to tjhset this problem, unless making the admission process easier for low-income and minority communities, another way must be found to incorporate these cultures into TJ, making the student feel more proud about their cultures. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? As of next year, the Homework Expectations Homeworj is proposing that breaks including Thanksgiving, winter, and spring should be free of homework assignments, homewlrk there should be no test, quiz, or homework unless sufficient time is given prior to the breaks due the day students return from break, teachers should communicate the amount of time necessary to complete each homework assignments, administration will work with the teachers to address any concerns, students and parents will use Advocacy Guidelines for TJHSST Students to address academic and homework concerns, and students will select courses that are meaningful and manageable with the help of their counselors.


JDay Basketball in gym 2!! French students spend Spring Break exploring France. Just wanted to say stay far away from Mike Cole and Reunio Tammy Ding Sophomore Ikhlaas Bhat reads When Asia was the World, a book that was given to read as a summer assignment before the year began. Close Back to Article. Questions or comments will be passed o To submit a photo: With freshman year summer assignments in particular, difficulty in communication was another pushing factor in this policy change.

Environmental Impact Club invites guest speaker Linda Staheli. Ankit Agrawal Unleashing his spirit in the pep rally cheer, Freshman Arul Nigam celebrated fervidly alongside his fellow freshmen as Class of strived to be the most spirited class on class color day.

While most individuals enjoy the celebrations fjhsst events occurring throughout the school, not many consider the work devoted to the success of homecoming. Although homecoming was an occasion for celebration and spirit to break from the toil of the classroom, Money Wars contributed a philanthropic element to the festivities.

If you have specific concerns about any student issue, you are always free to email sga.