Waiver of consent was obtained for the retrospective arm of the study. Characteristics of the patients presented with clinically solitary thyroid nodule. Solitary thyroid nodule is a common entity. Evaluation of the role of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the diagnosis of follicular malignancies of thyroid. O Box Gulu – Uganda.

Open in a separate window. Important factor for the satisfactory test includes representative specimen from the nodule and an experienced cytologist to interpret findings. Indexed in Web of Science. Table 1 Social demographic characteristics of patients who underwent thyroidectomy at Mulago Hospital during the study period prospective arm. M ratio was

All the patients presented with solitary thyroid nodule. East and Central African Journal of Surgery. Khyber Med Univ J fnaf Author contributions RM developed the concept, participated in data collection and manuscript writing, PKO participated in data collection, analysis, manuscript writing, JOF and DW reviewed the concept, data analysis and manuscript.

The many pathologists involved in reporting histopathology could have over-estimated or under-estimated malignancy rate random error.

The incidence of malignancy can be as high as The paraffin wax embedded tisssue specimens were sliced into very thin sections of 3—10 microns thick. These can be improved partially by additional specific guidance and committed workshops on the use of Galectin-3 expression testing. The attending cytopathologist examined the smears for standard adequate amount of follicular cells for cytodiagnosis. Oxford University Press; On clinical evaluation, the symptoms suggestive of malignancy were pressure symptoms and lymph node enlargement.


J Egyptian Natl Canc Inst.

The Accuracy of Manual Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in the Evaluation of Thyroid Cancer

Incidental cancer in patients surgically treated for benign thyroid disease. FNAC is a reliable tool of investigation for thyroid nodule. Am J Clin Pathol. Sinna EA, Ezzat N. It is now noted that for differentiated thyroid carcinoma DTCthere is a changing trend towards the frequent occurrence of PTC compared to FTC and this may be attributable to wide spread iodization programs All the authors contributed equally and agreed to the final manuscript.

The syringe was reattached after withdrawing the plunger and air was used with the needle tip close to the glass slide, the sample was expressed on the slide.

Journal of Thyroid Research

The proportion of patients with malignancy in this study was Are solitary thyroid nodules more likely to be malignant? View at Google Scholar R.

Bangladesh J Otorhinolaryngol ; Fine-needle aspiration of the thyroid. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Monitoring the severity of iodine deficiency disorders in Uganda. For the retrospective arm, blinding of the histopathologist to the corresponding cytological diagnosis with FNAC may not have been observed. In the FNAC technique, equipment involved glass slides, cover slips, antiseptics, disposable gloves, fixative absolute ethyl alcohol ,swabs, 23 French Fr gauge hypodermic needles 23Fr, 24Fr, 25 Fr is recommended and 10 ml syringes.

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There appears to be a changing trend towards the frequent occurrence of papillary thyroid carcinoma PTC compared to follicular thyroid carcinoma FTC.

Ihtesham uddin Qureshi 3 Prof.

thyroid fnac thesis

The result is consistent with a study of Raggio et al. This is in accordance with previous studies [ 713 ].

American Journal of Clinical Pathology. Solitary thyroid nodules were 4—9 times more common in yhyroid as compared to males [ 78 ]. The use of a combination of galectin-3 and thyroid peroxidase for the diagnosis and prognosis of thyroid cancer.