Student Handbooks contain guidance on updating address details in Sussex Direct. Where it is a resit the conflated mark for the module will be capped. Compensation will not be applied for students not registered on an award at the University. Please refer to regulation 1. I say all this so you know my circumstances. Please see the subpage of this page:.

If you fail the stage you may be given an opportunity to repeat the stage. C Psychology of Art Sussex Direct will give information on whether the work needs to be submitted to the school office or to a tutor or through a module study direct site. In fact, although I obtained a 2i degree I may have even got a first if I had paced myself better. A charge will be made for each module that requires a re-examination or re-submission of coursework, as follows:. C Psychology in Education

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If the deadline said the 10th of the month, I would have it as the 7th in my diary for example. Hope I was of help. Your exams and coursework Late submission of coursework Extenuating circumstances Exam dates and timetables Exam results Resit exams Policies, procedures and guidelines Academic offences External exam candidates.

Marks achieved at a sit attempt are not capped. Therefore the marks achieved on the placement year will contribute to classification based on the lowest of the weightings. Marks achieved at a sit attempt are not capped. I threw myself into every module enthusiastically. Feedback for all e-submission assessments will also be provided electronically.

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If your mark is capped it will affect your stage mean to a greater or lesser essag depending upon the weighting of the resit assessment and the credit volume of the module.


The University acknowledges that as students go through the process of examination and assessment, there may be temporary, sudden and unforeseen circumstances which affect their performance in assessment.

We have a procedure for managing how the impact of these circumstances can be taken into consideration.

Please check the current format that exam papers will take using the rubric posted on the exam notice board in Pevensey 1. When I began my degree my brain just ‘hurt’ all the time as it was such a steep mountain to climb when you have not been in education for a long time and the subject matter is so complex.

This applies even in cases where your retakes have been considered by the Exceptional Circumstances EC process.

I always worked with a contingency plan in case my daughter was unwell or the school closed for an unforeseen reason. If you do not pass the placement year the mark achieved will not contribute to your classification. If you’re summoned for jury service, please contact your School Director of Student Experience immediately to discuss your application for deferral. A repeat assessment cycle consists of one further cycle of first attempt where marks are uncapped and a resit attempt where marks are capped.

This is to enable you to achieve the award whilst allowing up to 30 credits to not be passed. C Cognitive Psychology C Health Psychology The exam board can condone a failure on a module trailed into the final stage provided that you achieve credits on the modules taken in the final stage and have achieved a mark greater than zero on the failed module. I was very good at time-management and managing stress.


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To apply for a Short-term Study visa, you should request a letter from the University confirming your current status and the details of your exam and include it in your visa application. You will need to register to take the optional resit within 7 days of receiving the email from the Student Systems and Records office. Exam retakes- Once the exam timetable is published from the 1st Augustdetails of time, date and location will appear on your Sussex Direct assessment timetable. By the end of my time at University I had burned out because I did not pace myself.

C Economic and Consumer Psychology The following ssusex give advice and support on many issues you might encounter including studying, managing your time and writing a good essay.

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How is my classification calculated? You cannot request to take an alternative to a core module.

sussex resit essay

suseex Accounting and Finance, University of Sussex. Time spent on temporary withdrawal or outside the UK during your course may also be included in the cap unless your visa has been cancelled.

sussex resit essay

Sussex Direct will give information on whether the work needs to be submitted to the school office or to a tutor or through a module study direct site.

Where applicable you may still submit the assessment within 7 days of the published deadline. Late Penalties What happens if I miss an assessment deadline? Appendix G a sets out courses sussez a higher progression threshold.