Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative research. Remind students that their research question can provide the keywords for a targeted Internet search. In many cases the full text of the articles is available only through subscription to a scholarly database. Handouts must be printed separately. Avoid the use of personal pronouns such as I and my unless the research method was qualitative. The following criteria should be included:

Evaluating Web Pages for a Class Collection. Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative research. Distribute copies of the Research Paper Scoring Rubric and go over the criteria so that students understand how their final written work will be evaluated. What is the history of cheerleading? Prior to this session, you may want to introduce or review Internet search techniques using the lesson Inquiry on the Internet: Show students how to create a reference list of cited material, using a model such as American Psychological Association APA style, on the Reference section of the scaffold.

Check that students have correctly identified and marked relevant information before allowing them to proceed to the Literature Review section on the Research Paper Scaffold. Invite students to consider and briefly discuss the following questions: The example helps students clearly see how a research question leads to a literature review, which in turn leads to analysis, original research, results, and conclusion.

Papwr that a good question always leads to more questions. Inform students of the schedule for submitting sacffold research plans for approval and completing their original research.

Instruct students to fill in the first section of the Research Paper Scaffold, the Research Question, before Session 2. Remind students to gather complete reference information for each of their sources.


You may also wish to consult with the school librarian regarding subscription databases designed specifically for student research, which may be available through the school or public library.

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Open-ended questions can be solved in more than one way and, depending upon interpretation, often have more than one correct answer, such as the question, Can virtue be taught? The survey should have no more than 10 questions. Quantitative methods involve the collection of numeric data, while qualitative methods focus reawritethink on the collection of observable data.

Check readwritethinl Results section of the scaffold and any visuals provided for consistency, accuracy, and effectiveness. Go over this rubric during Session 8, before they write their final drafts.

Remind students that they can refer to the Example Student Research Paper for a model of how the analysis will be used in the final research paper.

Scaffolding Methods for Research Paper Writing

Then have students complete the other four sections of the Literature Review Section in the same manner. Students may need more research time following this session to find additional information relevant to their research question.

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Parental researhc should be obtained see Permission Form. Instruct students to list the ideas and summarize their similarities and differences in the space provided for Analysis on the scaffold. Explain the process of analysis using the Example Research Paper Scaffold.

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Point out that the five different articles may offer similar answers and evidence with regard paler the research question, or they may differ. Explain that students should take care not to formulate a research question so broad that it cannot be answered, or so narrow that it can be answered in a sentence or two.


The most important strategy in using this model is that students be allowed, within the assigned topic framework, to ask their own research questions.

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A wide range of ages should be included if possible. Facts listed in the Hook section can be valuable for introducing the research paper. References and Writing Final Draft. Explain that information found in the articles may lead students to broaden their research question.

Have students access the citation site you have bookmarked readwritethinj their computers. Qualitative studies may include data in the form of pictures, artifacts, notes, and interviews. This section may be one to two paragraphs. During this session, students formulate one or more possible answers to the research question based upon their analysis for possible testing.

This means no unsupervised, dangerous experiments.

Additional facts can be listed on the back of the handout. They may wish to photocopy the title page of books where they find readritethink, and print out the homepage or contact page of websites. Distribute copies of the Internet Citation Checklist and have students refer to the handout as they list their reference information in the Reference section of the scaffold.