Thirdly, develop a method to upload the insulin usage information to a database where it can be analyzed for trends. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, used for Intra-body communication are compared in this paper. By knowing this information, it may be possible to determine the cause of spikes or valleys in insulin use and possibly treat it in a different manner. As insulin is needed by the body, the transceivers would communicate and the proper amount of insulin would be dispensed. They can easily use the tool that decreases manual hours spending for normal things and hence increases the performance. An innovative Human Area direct contact with the skin. Use of minimum amount of power of some milli volt range 4.

A compact battery supplies the power needed in particularly III. Your own phone number is allocated and billing commences. Then secondly, develop an insulin pump that is equipped with a RedTacton transceiver to communicate with the blood sugar level RedTacton device. I would say that the association exists by its name and not by its functions. The connection of cables, tune frequencies International Journal of Computer and Electronics and smart card purpose are not necessary for intelligent Research, VOL 2, April The first step in trying to apply Red Tacton would be to develop a device that can be used to determine blood sugar level and display that information on an easy-to-read device to the patient.

Once our transmitter, that we wear, is programmed to recognize and exchange information with other devices we select, such as printers, we will be able to communicate with them easily.

Our life Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation. Conductors the wrong medicine, an alarm will trigger on the terminal retacton and dielectrics may also be used in combination. Second, as a new technology Personal Area networks need to gain popularity among users to help pull the technology into the redtscton instead of having it pushed upon them.


And that is why this study is poised to develop an online repository and search engine for Delsu Alumni.

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Military Applications One possible application is gun security. Help Center Find new research papers in: And yet it is assumed that the association is very functional. The data model focuses on what should be stored in the database while the process model deals with how data is processed. So, after getting the information we can get access to the college website just by a click on the college name. Use of minimum amount of power of some milli volt range 4.

It can be useful within few centimetres only. Why should a repository and a search engine be developed for the Delsu Alumni association?

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The power laser beam technology. Pper System Fig As a user for you to gain access into the site you need to obtain a user name and a password from the Alumni office on campus, thereafter you can use same to login and update your details and save them. In this technology there is no problem of hackers as our body is itself a media, data loss is reduced and data security is strong. Effects on human body is still under research.

research paper on redtacton

The input design is represented by modules or windows forms used by the proposed system to collect data from system users for storage and processing.


Abstract—All the user-friendly services require technologies that enable communication between people and objects in close proximity.

research paper on redtacton

While on the surface www. Help Center Find new research papers in: Information spreading is low as there is no effort to reach everyone who is a member. This technology uses the surface of human body for safe and high speed transmission path.

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And not just that, a fire accident can destroy everything; however the following are some of the constraints of the existing system. This computer science project mainly provides communication between the college and old students. After contract with another RedTacton enabled device, the transmitter one wears induces an electric field on the body.

Accessed December 19th Physically separating ends the contact and thus the file back into its original for. Data can be transmitted at up to 10 mbps. Great rating and good reviews should tell you everything you need to know about this excellent writing service.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Automatic importing of personal address book and call history. It acts as the master in master slave communication model or a peer in a peer to peer communication model. They can easily use the tool that decreases manual hours spending for normal things and hence increases the performance.

Radio swipe cards are much easier to manipulate than a RedTacton human swipe card.