The couple exclusively interact through the show’s split screen frame and only communicate with each other by dubbing audio samples of popular songs, films and TV series as well as handwritten messages or “fan signs” on screen. According to Mon Bandril, a CSMA member, the series won the Catholic Social Media Awards “because of the inspiring message they give during Kalyeserye [about] virtues, values, chivalry, modesty, morality, respect for elders, etc. Suddenly, the riding- in- tandem appears and attempts to grab Nidora’s blue folder. A dancing Nidora arrives, but goes hysterical after Tinidora and Alden ask about Yaya. Nidora informs the couple, that in order to proceed to their date, Alden and Yaya Dub will have to do a matching game again. Lola Nidora receives a call from her Doctor about her condition. Retrieved from ” https:

Lines that are spoken by a character during the episode will be noted with the character’s name. Retrieved 13 June A distraught Alden and Yaya Dub sing out to each other but are unable to convince Lola Nidora to cancel the wedding. Indonesia International Eat Na Ta! Alone again, the couple comfortably chat and eat until Yaya chokes on her food. Nidora reveals her second surprise:

This five-part special took a trip back to the memorable episodes of the series with Manalo, Bayola and Ballesteros as the three Lolas albeit in a capacity as interviewers to common people and not in the continuity of the series’ storyline.


Suddenly, the riding- in- tandem appears and attempts to grab Nidora’s blue folder.

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Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 16 March Lola Nidora has planned the deception of the wedding and dying in apri to get the ranson money from Frankie. Retrieved 9 December Susi para sa Forever – Facebook”. However, Lola Nidora panics and attempts to blend in with the surroundings whenever police sirens ring out.

The Broadway commentators and Tidora are still curious about the mysterious voice they heard yesterday. Alden then presents Yaya with lollipops that say “AlDub You”.

Lola Nidora admits that she has been waiting for their reunion. Also, during the course of the series, Alden must prove his trustworthiness and love for Yaya Dub by overcoming several obstacles. Retrieved October 17, The couple also apologize to Lola.

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As part of their 10th weeksary, Alden presents Yaya a surprise on the split-screen monitor: Retrieved 27 February — via YouTube. Yaya is also excited to see the studio crew, especially Alden. If Alden wins, Nidora will have a surprise for the couple; but if Lola wins, she wants a favour from him.

Retrieved 6 July She wants to start things all over again with Yaya, and feels that now is the right time to do so. Retrieved 11 August Tidora and Tinidora keep teasing the couple and make Alden and Yaya sit on the same sofa, where at one point Tinidora pushes Alden towards Yaya. This is the first time Barbara Sastre appears as one of the applicants.


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Frankie admits that he is already in love with Yaya Dub; meanwhile, Yaya Dub is very sad and bids farewell to Alden. Retrieved 8 Aprul Retrieved 9 July The wedding starts with the march and proceeds with the pastor’s opening rites.

Retrieved 25 Bulag Yaya, who was with her adoptive grandmother and employer Lola Nidoragets teased all the more after she returns his smile and waves back. Retrieved 15 March Retrieved 9 April Retrieved 8 July It served as a pre-programming for Eat Bulaga!

problem solving eat bulaga april 8 2015

While Frankie signs the check, 20015 police arrive and arrest the pastor under charges of illegal recruitment and falsification of documents. Later, the riding-in-tandem arrives and delivers a letter to Lola Nidora, who cries upon reading it.

problem solving eat bulaga april 8 2015

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