It is necessary to complete a medical form for any child requiring medication to be administered at school. For details, please see the link on our Website to the Canteen or our Facebook page. When helping in the classroom, parents are asked to collect and wear a parent helper badge available from the office. Curriculum Framework Religious Education. Students in Kinder, Years 1, 3 and 5 also participate in dance lessons run by DanceFever, while students in Years 2, 4 and 6 take part in a specialist gymnastics program run by Flexi-Kids. The basic principles for complaint handling include respect, confidentiality and fair and impartial investigation in a timely manner. The wearing of correct school uniform is an expectation for attendance at school.

Homework is helpful when: If your children need to be at school before this time the Principal needs to be informed in writing and your child needs to remain seated in Mary’s Courtyard located in infront of the office area upon their arrival at school. Dropping Off and Collecting Children. These investigations of subject matter and the forms are further developed in their appreciation of artists, designers, craftspeople, architects and their works. Many of the experiences provided lend themselves to integration across other Key Learning Areas. Merit cards are awarded at module assemblies.

No form of corporal punishment is allowed.

Key Learning Areas

Dance Dance schokl a specialised subject that is taught by tutors from DanceFever. Booster injection of Rubella Vaccine. Across the year teachers take classes on excursions or have performers or incursions on the school premises.

olqp school homework

It is used to assist children across learning areas and to promote active involvement and engagement in learning. These are presented by the Principal at the Monday morning assembly. For at least seven days from the first signs of jaundice.


Under no circumstances will a child be subjected to any form of corporal punishment in either the class or wider school environment. Until recovered or until a medical certificate is produced. The library is fully computerised and the children are encouraged to use the computers to search for references as well as to borrow and return books.

The Assistant Principal or Principal can then be contacted, through the office, if the issue is not resolved. The teacher then rebuilds the relationship by asking the child which rule was broken and what do they need to do now.

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These rules are unpacked with each grade at their own level of understanding. Our choir performs at the Captivate and our whole school masses.

Merit Cards Merit cards are awarded at module assemblies. It is fully computerised and the children are encouraged to use the computers to search for reference material as well as for borrowing and returning of books.

Child Protection Training must be updated every two years. Scholl OLQP we aim to develop the competence and confidence of all students in learning and using English, thus enabling them to effectively participate in our society. As well as being a key learning area in its homewor right, English has a wider role as a means of learning in all curriculum areas.

olqp school homework

schook It is fully computerised and the children are encouraged to use the computers to search for reference material as well as for borrowing and returning of books. Certainty refers to the need for consistency in applying a consequence.

Until appropriate treatment has begun. All children from Kindergarten to Year Six are expected to attend as it is an integral part of the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education program.


OLQP Sacramental programs are family-based within the parish. Any nits more than two centimetres from the scalp are also dead. Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention that provides one-to-one teaching for children who need greater assistance in learning to read and write following their first year of school.

A notice that the child is to be excluded and the period of exclusion must be sent home with the scchool.

Parent Handbook

A student is considered olqqp if he or she arrives more than ten minutes after the morning bell – that is, after 9: We value and nurture the gifts and talents that each child, parent and staff member brings to our school. Lice Off Repellant Kit:. Homework is not given when children are absent from school due to illness. Medication should be sent to school in the correct dosage and handed in at the office immediately upon arriving at school.

Until proper treatment has begun. Merit cards are awarded at module assemblies.

olqp school homework

Primary classes are also allocated a research block in which they may work with the Librarian on locating and using information. Exclude for 14 days from onset of illness or until 5 days of a 14 day course of antibiotics have been completed. Our school has three “L” rules that are used by teachers to guide the creation of classroom rules:.