Learn how to interpret pie charts with this interactive resource. Do you have a suggestion? Introduction to enlargements Tablet enabled – iPad Android more This gentle introduction to vectors helps your pupils understand what a vector is and how to represent them. We will be refining this to using an algebraic approach to solve them more efficiently. One well known story about him happened after the he misbehaved in primary school. Fraction Wall Tablet enabled – iPad Android more

The result is a series of word documents that hyperlink to smartboard files, worksheets and interactive teaching materials to help plan and teach maths in a more systematic way throughout school. Get the grey cells working with this online reproduction of the ancient logic puzzle – another classic from flashValley. This resource is also complemented by three worksheets: Sticking with an algebra theme we are now investigating Fibonacci sequences. Improve your ability to recognise equivalent fractions.

In this activity you must estimate the height of three giants based on the length of different body parts. Although the website has worsheets for the activities, I rearranged them to save paper and to concentrate on area and perimeter click on pdoblem picture. A lovely whole class resource which is ideal for use with the interactive whiteboard. You need to click here, then download the complete zipped file.

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Brush up on the concepts of place value and inter-planetary flight as you land your space craft on the moon pads in the correct order. Read the instructions to find out what to do! This equation solver will show you how to use these equations by taking you through a simple five step process. Click here for video instructions on how to use this super teaching aid to its full potential.


I then produced a document that linked the progression documents to guidance materials and activities. Planet information gap Information gap activities require children to work in pairs and share information verbally. Answers are also provided. I slightly adapted it because the class teacher was working on area and perimeter in class.

An addictive reaction test with loads of uses for practical work. Everything you need to teach estimation and measurement of angles. Space shepherd Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Eggstreme maths Prbolem in-depth investigation in which you must find the number ways in which eggs can be packed in different sized egg boxes.

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solvkng This powerful application has a host of features including a protractor and the ability to view your graph in 3D. This open-ended resource allows you to create a fraction and display it in several ways e.

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There are also some examples of questions from the New Level 2 Certificate in Additional Mathematics to challenge the more able students. This is an ideal resource for illustrating concepts and setting problems. In this hilarious game there are fifty levels to complete and each one will help you get to grips with addition and multiplication of fractions.

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Here is the document I produced to support teachers with finding rules and describing patterns. There are four equations of motion that can be used to solve problems whenever an object moves in a straight matha with a constant acceleration.


This program makes the teaching of rotations a doddle. Algebra 4 formulae and equations.

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The squares can be painted in the colour of your choice. This powerful application enables you to explore enlargements by manipulating an object shape and a centre-of-enlargement. The ultimate reaction test Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Higher Tablet enabled – iPad Android more PS there are other brilliant interactive introductions to interesting investigations on this website; I particularly like the tower of hanoi puzzle and the leapfrog puzzlewhich like the last two puzzles require the children to use a table to collect data, then analyse data to find patterns before expressing relationships algebraically.

Also useful for illustrating how to represent fractions in their simplest form.

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Vector addition Tablet enabled – iPad Android more LT patterns, sequences and rules. We will be problrm this to using an algebraic approach to solve them more efficiently.

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Can you work out a system that enables you to solve the problem in the minimum number of moves? In this prroblem game you must identify balanced and unbalanced forces and work out the resultant force. What are the two numbers?