This program makes the teaching of rotations a doddle. Pythagoras’ Theorem 1 Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Read the instructions to find out what to do! Graphing calculator Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Although it takes determination and perseverance, the more able childrenfind the solution that you cannot make the powers of 2 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, This resource also contains a useful mnemonic to remember the first 8 digits of pi as well as a slide that displays the first digits of pi.

Mastermind A delightful online reproduction of the classic board game involving pegs – created by the exceptional flashValley. Formula Pairs Tablet enabled – iPad Android more The final activity we looked at linked to square numbers also came from nrich. Improve your ability to recognise the picture equivalent of a fraction with this resource. How tall is a giant?

To download the zipfile, click here Mediafire or here 4share:. In this super game you must identify balanced and unbalanced forces and work out the resultant force. Improve your ability to add fractions as you choose the right set of rockets to fire Ernie into the nest. Create your own pie chart A versatile resource that allows you to create your own pie chart in seconds. Learn how to interpret pie charts with this interactive resource. The strategy taught then was based on a guess and test approach.


Year 4 Digit Sum plan. Solving this puzzle with children reminded me of other consecutive number puzzles we have solved over the years.


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I used this template explore the relationship between to the sum and difference between two numbers. This resource is also complemented by three worksheets: Ideal for teaching pupils addition and subtraction of fractions.

Angles in a triangle Tablet enabled – iPad Android more At the end of the game you will be shown your score and awarded a prize monster. This resource also contains a prpblem worksheet. This resource also includes a printable worksheet. This simple resource visually illustrates how the sum of several vectors can be found by arranging them as a chain. A beautiful animation that visually illustrates the definition of pi. LT Finding All Possibilities 1. Learn to measure distances and draw bearings on a scaled drawing.

ngfl maths problem solving

Polygon Tool Tablet enabled – iPad Android more The birthday candles problem fits in well with the consecutive number activities discussed in the challenging more able children post. Here is an example of a puzzle I found there, and how I adapted it to take the learning further.

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This resource includes a teacher tool and a student-led game to teach pupils to accurately draw, measure and estimate a three figure bearing. They construct their shape using a flexible polygon which can then be compared to the correct enlargement. Vector chains Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Help kung fu chicken in his quest to simplify fractions by finding the common factors of the numerator and denominator. Play this beautiful game as often as you can and you’ll soon know your times tables inside out.


Great for illustrating mental arithmetic techniques or how Eratosthenes’ sieve works. A game to help your pupils remember the formulas for area and volume. I have also produced progression documents for 2D shapes3D shapesangles and position and movement.

ngfl maths problem solving

Estimating bearings Tablet enabled – iPad Android more A gentle introduction to factors and multiples and the notion of ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’. When you’ve found all the combinations a surprising result is revealed which allows you to predict the number of permutations for any sized egg box and any number of eggs.

This ‘Introductory Stimulus Material’ illustrates how loci can be used in a practical situation to solve a problem.

This extremely powerful, open-ended tool enables you to create and display loci quickly. This resource includes a printable worksheet. A corresponding PowerPoint is also available to the teacher proboem they want to create their own commentary.