This is the second in a series of posts on “Teaching Britain and the World. Summer courses at my institution are concentrated, 8-week semesters that attract students from a large number of personal and academic backgrounds. Deadline is listed in the Event Calendar annually in the spring semester. In the summer of , I taught an undergraduate summer history class on the history of the British Empire. In my experience, many students struggle when given too much freedom choosing their own research topics. A committee made up of elected and appointed representatives will evaluate proposals and make a recommendation to the NACBS Executive Committee and Council.

In my experience, many students struggle when given too much freedom choosing their own research topics. Digital versions of printed sources necessarily became by the greatest objects of my study. Right, now back to the lesson plan for tomorrow. We have a number of students majoring and minoring in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, many of whom have won national awards and have gone on to excellent graduate programs. Most theses are too long to be considered.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

This is the second in undergraxuate series of posts on “Teaching Britain and the World. I recognize that adequately covering the material for such a broad chronology is impossible, but having chosen a coherent theme I felt less pressure to spew information like a firehose and more at liberty to judiciously choose specific examples, conetst, and sources that illustrate my larger narrative. This essqy reinforced the intellectual and cultural historical turn in my work.

It aims to be the journal of record in British studies. An open-ended research question petrifies them, and overwhelmed, they have trouble starting a project. Proposals should include a word abstract of each paper and a short curriculum vitae for each participant. Information about the collections can be found here: What became apparent to me quickly was that most of my students were entering the class with a very broad idea of empire.


Each chapter is set up to answer a particular question about change over time and undergradduate you think of the explanations and arguments that follow they are designed to be accessible to students — with timelines, lots of maps and images, textboxes that zoom in on particular people, places or types of sources, guides to further secondary reading, and a glossary of key-terms.

Former Carleton Undergraduates Win Prestigious Essay Prize – Department of History

I love reading and seeing Shakespeare performed. Most theses are too long to be considered. Last semester I taught an upper-level undergraduate course called Britain and Empire, c.

What would make this assignment more effective? Of course, Britain and its history figured conspicuously in most accounts of the development of modernity.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

Over the past 11 years, ten of our undergraduate majors have been inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. This posed some nacbd pedagogical problems. While the assignment undeegraduate in some respects, there were some notable weaknesses. What are you currently working undergraudate Attend ALCS annual Conference of Executive Officers and Annual Meeting, and maintain communication with CEO listserv Organize AHA reception Help secretaries administer other affiliate business Governance role: We should be deeply troubled by this disconnect between the work of professional historians and the resurgence of nativist histories and not just those in post-Brexit Britain.

Unless you are on strike. Each student had to write two brief papers words responding to questions provided in advance early in the semester. In order to accomplish this each student had to do four things:. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation. The North American Conference on British Studies is undergtaduate scholarly society dedicated to all aspects of the study of British civilization. The program has continued the award in Robert Knoll’s honor. Track down presenters who have not registered.


It was in this context that the idea for a Menu of the British Empire was formed. And in the classroom and lecture hall we are forced outside of our academic bubble where we sometimes too comfortably assume undergaduate everyone possesses similar terms of reference and modes of thought.

If any of you have used the book in a classroom I would l love to hear what works and what does not, there is lots to improve for the next edition!


In my experience, many students struggle when given too much freedom choosing their own research topics. We also pledge to uphold and sustain the pursuit and protection of the rights threatened by this executive order, both in our organizational life and in the institutions and communities in which we work.

Underbraduate their papers, students used individual dishes to consider large-scale issues, such as diet, consumption, economics, and structural systems of power; however, they also used these dishes to access lived experiences of empire, considering issues of hunger and taste, as well as how food had the potential to unite communities, or drive them apart.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

Addiction is, of course, a matter of much public concern, particularly since the emergence of the opioid crisis in recent years. There is also a supporting website that provides links to primary source readings, exsay summaries and study questions to help guide reading and thinking.