After his release, Azad roused the Muslim community through the Khilafat Movement. Al-Hilal played an important role in forging Hindu-Muslim unity after the bad blood created between the two communities in the aftermath of Morley-Minto reforms. Why Partition of India?: However primary education should be imparted in the mother-tongue. India Today, special millennium issue, January Abdul Haqq had packed the books but Maulana Azad got them retrieved and thus saved a national treasure being lost to Pakistan. The clouds have only poured dirty water and you have raised your trousers for fear of being drenched.

He became the youngest President of the Indian National Congress in Azad was imprisoned, together with the entire Congress leadership. Azad committed himself to Gandhi’s ideals, including promoting Swadeshi indigenous products and the cause of Swaraj Self-rule for India. If not granted, the Congress would adopt the goal of complete political independence for India. He was also a renowned scholar, and poet. He served as Congress president from to , during which the Quit India rebellion was launched. His father gave him the name of Feroze Bakht but he became Abul Kalam and the name stayed.

He supported provisions for Muslim citizens to make avail of Muslim personal law in courts. Throughout his life he stood for the unity of India and its composite culture.

Maulana Azad: Essay on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Why Partition of India?: Azad was abkl to head the Department of Education. He tirelessly advocated for a single India that would embrace both Hindus and Muslims while strongly opposing the partition of British India into independent India and Pakistan.

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maulana abul kalam azad essay in telugu language

He also worked for Hindu – Muslim unity through the Al-Hilal newspaper. Archived from the original PHP on 4 December Azad privately discussed the proposal with Gandhi, Patel and Nehru, but despite his opposition was unable to deny the popularity of the League and the unworkability of any coalition lanvuage the League. I am indispensable to this noble edifice and without me this splendid structure is incomplete. Abdul Haqq had packed the books but Maulana Azad got them retrieved and thus saved a national treasure being lost to Pakistan.


I am proud of being an Indian. For the former Languuage president, see A.

In October when the Delhi Muslims were leaving for Pakistan tens of thousands of them, he spoke from the ramparts of Jama Masjid, like an ancient oracle: This distinction he also had during the negotiations with the Cabinet Mission in at Simla.

Vijayaraghavachariar Khan Das M. As India’s Education Minister, Azad oversaw the establishment of a national education system with free primary education and modern institutions of higher education.

Internet URLs are the best. In this period Azad also became active in his support ni the Khilafat agitation to protect the position of the Sultan of Ottoman Turkeywho was considered the Caliph or Khalifa for Muslims worldwide. He stood for a learning society through liberal, modern and universal education combining the humanism of Langhage arts and the rationalism of western sciences, a society where the strong are just and the weak secure, where the youth is disciplined and the women lead a life of dignity — a non-violent, non-exploiting social and economic order.

Contact our editors with your feedback. Azad started a new journal, the Al-Balaghwhich increased its active support for nationalist causes and communal unity.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad : Biography, History, Facts and Achievements

Azad’s close friend Chittaranjan Das tlugu the Swaraj Partybreaking from Gandhi’s leadership. He will ever remain fresh in the memory of his countrymen. Azad’s Al-Hilal was consequently banned in under the Press Act. Please try again later. Amidst more incidences of violence in earlythe Congress-League coalition struggled to function.


Abul Kalam Azad

Azad was imprisoned, together with the entire Congress leadership. Therefore he [Azad] stayed with him [Khan Ata] for five years and was part of the editorial team of the The paper quickly became highly influential in the Muslim community for its anti-British stance, notably for its criticism of Indian Muslims who were loyal to the British. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Start Your Free Trial Today.

Maulana Azad: Essay on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Supporting the call for the British to ” Quit India “, Azad began exhorting thousands of people in rallies across the nation to prepare for a definitive, all-out struggle. Azad remained a close laguage, supporter and advisor to prime minister Nehru, and played an important role in framing national policies.

maulana abul kalam azad essay in telugu language

Azad developed political views considered radical for most Muslims of the time and became a full-fledged Indian nationalist. Azad and the Ali brothers — Maulana Mohammad Ali and Shaukat Ali — warmly welcomed Congress support and began working together on a programme of non-co-operation by asking all Indians to boycott British-run schools, colleges, courts, public services, the civil service, police etlugu military.