Low key language explains grim domestic oppression, but blooming words break with a claustrophobic world. His wealth and love are the shield against the world outside and she clings to it at all cost. I needed him to smile at me, in that way that lit up his face, that warmed something inside me. Jail-term hardens Jaja, who is seemingly transformed by the time he leaves prison. Ifeoma’s liberating, strong character enters the novel with decisive steps, bright lipstick and roaring laughter – surprising Kambili and Jaja with charm, warmth and openness.

The changes in the family speak to the idea the strength of the family unit and its power. Although a military coup unsettles the population – streets erupt with riots as soldiers hunt down dissenters – the story’s main protagonist, Kambili, lives a protected life in Enugu. He accepts nothing short of perfection from himself or his family. The ways of God and the ways of government a conflation frequently made in Africa are increasingly hard to tell apart. He is at once consumed by raw extremes of passion—extreme love and, worse, extreme anger. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes about Nigeria, a country that has known little but coup and kleptomania since independence, but her novel crosses borders because it is really a parable about love in a time of terror.

Kambili resides within her home in Enugu alongside her brother, mother, and father — Jaja, Beatrice, and Eugene respectively. I needed him to hug me close and say that to whom much is given, much is also expected.

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But I had come second. Something else that really stuck out to me with this novel is the change from negative ideas and images in the beginning, to the more positive ideas and images cimamandas the end. Every time the phone rings, Kambili quakes in fear. It is like she is talking to me.


In order to go to school, children needed to convert to Christianity, so Eugene and many of his contemporaries did. But so were the characters in Dinesen’s other famous work, Out of Africa — that quintessential fantasy of 20th-century Africa where only whites are granted complex interior lives. A lesser author purole have turned him into a simple villain. He is fiercely religious, devoted to Pufple, to God and purity. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: She shows them from the, very mature, thoughts of the 15 year old child of one of the richest most influential people in Nigeria at the time.

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Slowly Kambili and Jaja open their eyes to another reality, where anyone is allowed to discuss at the dinner table and express their thoughts. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hlbiscus in your details below or click an icon to log in: Notify me of new comments via email. It’s enough to drive a hapless American to try cooking that most famous dish of West Africa, egusi.

The 25 year old Nigerian author uses a mature and convincing language, delightfully exploring Kambili’s world against an unsettled Nigerian society – vibrant but dangerous. After much thought, I managed to pick one phrase that summed hibiscud the book for me.

She is one of those narrators who lets you read between the lines, who doesn’t give away too much, and often seems smarter than the adults.


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A Haven for Book Lovers I am just a girl who loves reading and talking about books. Kambili even timidly falls in love with a charismatic young priest who takes her hibicus football games.

literature review of chimamandas purple hibiscus

Kambili and her brother, Jaja, have nervously returned after a Palm Sunday mass during which Jaja defiantly refused to eat communion because the wafer, he claims, gives him bad breath. They avoid their father’s wrath at all costs. Purple Hibiscus is carefully crafted and presented through form and content relevant to the African context. This site uses cookies. So maybe I should tell you a little about Eugene. Each resonates clearly with the reader, teview the father a complex and compelling character.

Papa is an interesting character study — a person so completely sold on the superiority of the Western mode of thought and action, especially through religion, that he will stop at nothing to see it enforced in his own house. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

literature review of chimamandas purple hibiscus

As the novel’s later tragedies hit, Kambili finds herself with an unexpectedly strong new emotional foundation, one based on cooperation, tolerance and female power. We are left wondering how deep the wounds go, and who we should root for. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The father rarely speaks Igbo.

The compound walls, topped by coiled electric wires, were so high I could not see the cars driving by on our street. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.