But who uses plain TeX these days anyway? Both Inconsolata and Consolas are top-notch monospace fonts. Then, with the advent of Unicode fonts some years back, things got more interesting. While you may decide to only do so locally, I personally prefer to keep everything pushed to a private GitHub 3 repository too. The following example sums up my attempts to progressively add symbols from the font, and highlights the failures.

View all posts by Eric Vanden Eykel. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Not for free, surely at least, not legally. Many people just go for report or book. Dec 23 ’11 at Konrad Ah, but except for ITC Baskerville, Pragmata might be replaced by Inconsolata , and fonts shipped with Apple OSs, other fonts are circulating on font-dedicated websites, aren’t they?

I’m trying to use the Linux Libertine font for my thesis.

Linux libertine italic beautiful amph

Just make sure that you export a Minimal BibTeX file if you share your. A lobertine Google search on the topic led me to a discussion forum in which someone had asked a similar question: Among others, Baskerville is missing small caps and lining figures.

Otherwise I use Consolas for Mono font. Memoir follows a completely opposite approach, trying to accommodate as much functionality as possible within itself. And finally a small example for the mono spaced font: Most fonts I use are commercial.


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You are liberitne using your Facebook account. Because of this, I would recommend starting from either the scrbook class from KOMA-script or memoir. Daniel Andersson Daniel Andersson 2 Palatino Sans would probably be the best match, but is not “free”.

linux libertine thesis

I do almost all my paper writing in LaTeX. Their small caps, text figures are crap.

linux libertine thesis

Only concern I run into: Libertine in fact does have mathematical symbols, but I didn’t manage to use them properly in unicode-math. If you use any math, add the AMS packages that you require e. I have really been enjoying AMS Euler as a math font lately. Myriad Pro used to come bundled with Adobe Reader I’m not sure about the current version.

Not everything will apply to everyone, but I hope some thess will find it useful. So, this will be an opinionated post on my general workflow and the main packages that I consider the best for a thesis or another similarly long and complex document.

Published by Eric Vanden Eykel. Cambria for serif, Calibri for sans, Cambria Math for math, and Consolas for monospace.

Dissertations, Fonts, and Wasting Time

This combination can be used in almost any LaTeX installation, making it a viable combination for the arXiv for example. I prefer a combination lunux Linux Libertine for serifInconsolata for monospace and Calibri or Linux Biolinum for sans serif.


Especially Termes and Hero. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Consolas was specifically designed for Clear Type.

linux libertine thesis

I tend to use Inconsolata when typesetting code snippet, but the Bera font looks nice with Palatino once it is x-scaled. Tehsis very interesting – I am intrigued that Consolas seems to require subpixel smoothing to look even passable Look at those glyphs in direct contact in IterationsNumericUpDown. Don’t use anything but alphanumeric symbols from non-OpenType math fonts like Linux Libertine. Why tesis go for something a little fresher? Its documentation is great, but it conflicts with many other packages.

No, but you need a minimum of 50 reputation for comments see the FAQ. Probably no one will answer. While you may decide to only do so locally, I personally prefer to keep everything pushed to a private GitHub 3 repository too.