I doubt it was intentional. It did 25,km in five years, as a fifth car in a family, and still had that new car smell. Not so much has been written about the Thesis so I decided to see for myself what the car was really like and to find out why only 16, were sold during a seven year production run. Given that the Thesis is smaller in most dimensions than an S, it was thus a conspicuously dense machine. Lybra has that too, but adds another option, switching to fully manual too. The cheap materials on the outside, I would say much the same about. Whatever it is asked, the Thesis does what it is told.

Almost everything is powered apart from the front sun visors and the minuscule front ashtray. You would think it would be far more feasible to sensitively control a wide range of ride and handling set-ups using hydraulic valves, sensors and electronics, than it would on conventionally sprung cars. Both the modern Citroen and the modern Lancia seem like fuzzy interpretations of their forebears, created from a third generation template where essential details have been lost in each transcription. After looking more into Lybra, I might swap out of my Kappa for one — not too expensive here in France, more manouvrable as I age, and an auto box, but only on 2. And I have memory heated seats, and a C-post reading light and fag lighter terminal accessible for rear passengers. The car had plenty of muscle to do some asphalt ripping which is great if you really have to press on.

And what price and yr DK Delta? The interior is well sculpted and classic without being too retro. Se riscontri problemi con la reimpostazione della password, ti preghiamo di contattarci per farcelo sapere. Most factory pix set them right back to give attractive spacious front cabin look!


Danes are highly risk averse. The engine, though quieter than in any Alfa, is all you hear because road and wind noise have been quashed.

The car had plenty of muscle to do some asphalt ripping which is great if you really have to press on.

Whatever it is asked, the Thesis does what it is told. In front of the driver is a classically styled instrument pack.

Lancia Thesis V6 Review – Driven To Write

However, the demeanour of the car is more about comfort and refinement. Otherwise a pretty decent car. The routine elements consisted of independent five-link suspension with coil springs.

But to get inside the ghesis you have to get past the exterior, which presumably many people failed to do, even if they were only shown the front, its best aspect. Maximum torque Nm at rpm.

Lancia thesis 2.4 jtd opinie

But if driven as intended, the Thesis as a car simply disappears for both driver and passenger and instead the wealth of creature comforts come to the tjesis. I like the long wheelbase in that it affords a lot of rear leg room, something I set a high price on.

Now all surpassed by the XF, beating all the pretentious characterless Germans.

The Delta, in fact, is a good case in point. Kappa has smoothish ride, lnacia many are as lanxia or better. It has always been my opinion that to buy a Lancia one must first be willing and capable of thinking outside the box. To attack myself, I have conflated judgments of the car from a marketing point of view with judgments of the car as a thing in its own right. For Lancia enthusiasts expecting sportiness, the Thesis is too smooth and aloof and not fast enough. Both the grille and the headlamps are set amidst quite large expanses of unadorned metal work.


I imagine running on Lancia footwear the car would be even nicer. Rather surprisingly, there is an analogue gauge to display fuel consumption, scaled from 6 litres tehsis km to 20 litres per kilometres.

But in fact, it was a big thing, because it speaks to the seriousness of the whole enterprise.

lancia thesis 2.4 jtd opinie

It is an effect very, very different from the cold, hardness achieved by Mercedes and Lexus. If you stamp on the accelerator pedal, the vehicle takes a tiny pause and then leaps forward.

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2002 Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 Review

The Delta I have my eye on is correctly priced for the local market: My initial thoughts were that it certainly was more impressive in the flesh than in any photographs. That, rather than a concern for the economy, drives the preference.

lancia thesis 2.4 jtd opinie

I drive on cruise control most of the time. Following that, the Thesis is bulky and remote. A V6 does everything a Thesis does but is more wieldy. With an automatic transmission, there was little to do but steer and brake.