For interns that change during the internship year, it is recommended that at least two observations be held by the new committee. Identify instructional days following the orientation meeting instructional days following the orientation meeting instructional days following the orientation meeting Observations and Cycle meetings must occur in their respective windows. Allow the intern to describe what they felt went well first. Attending faculty meetings Attending ball games, dances, plays, parades, etc. Assisting the intern in the development of the intern s PGP. The day after the Orientation meeting begins day 1 for Cycle 1. Clarifying the connection between the intern s classroom performance and the content of the teacher education program, both to the intern and to the other members of the committee.

Emphasize the you must statements on page September 6, To: The Status Verification Letter. Rating for faculty whose performance clearly and consistently exceeds requirements in principal professional responsibilities. Published by Alexis Mooney Modified over 5 years ago. Add this document to collection s. Assesses and Communicates Learning Results Standard 6:

Payments to Committee Members. A successful intern keeps the TPA documents. How does the intern connect A-1 to A-2? These notes inform your assessment decision about the standard.

The Assessment Plan Task I: Assisting the intern in the development of the intern s PGP. For more information go to: There is a separate guide for: All data, or information, that is used to support decisions about progress for each standard e.


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Standards 1, 2, 5, 6 Task H: The cycle increments are mandated by regulation. Observer’s Signature Intern’s Signature Designs and Plans Instruction Standard 5: These could include skills related to classroom management, engagement of students, etc. Using data to analyze student performance Those who ktup as TPA committee members will not have to re-train before mandated implementation.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Resource Guide for Online Homework – PDF

Focus on critical issues. The leadership project needs to be manageable and meaningful for a first-year teacher. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with trainng.

Receipt of this degree is not necessary in order to obtain. What data sources are available to assist the intern in completing this task? We think you have liked this presentation.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP): Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region

Standard 8 Task E: Provide copies of the completed IPR to the intern at the conclusion of the post-observation conference. Important Dates The Confirmation of Employment COE is created and submitted online within 30 days from the date of hire or on or before: The Discovery FFA Degree is homewoek for use in state associations and local chapters where middle school membership is offered.

Conducting a lesson plan review prior to each of the three observations. The superintendent or designated nonpublic school head or leader; and. Identify references to assist with effective post-observation conferences. Click Type Click Each Committee member will need to electronically sign by: The intern must electronically submit the completed tasks G-J to the committee members at least 2 days prior to the committee meeting. The appeals committee shall include:.


Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Resource Guide for Online Homework

Upload document Create flashcards. Communication and Follow Up Mar J The observations and Cycle 3 meeting must occur during the day period following the Orientation meeting.

ktip training homework

In no instance shall the confidentiality of the internship be violated that is, information about the intern shall never be presented to the teacher education program in such a way that any member of a teacher internship committee or homwork teacher intern could be identified either directly or indirectly. Appropriate documentation of the instructional setting and outside normal working hours spent by the resource teacher in assisting the teacher intern as specified in KRS