Moreover they analyzed the main demand with economic conditioned customers is in well-established countries like US and UK, where a lot of Muslims are living and are even curious about Halal meat. Some part of logistics were also being own by the company to be more cost efficient. After that we determine different tasks to accomplish those objectives and at the end we estimate the cost utilize in performing these tasks. Quality is our very first priority that will make us build strong and profitable customer relationships. McLoughlin and Mary Shelman Keywords: Because in this conflict; conflict lies between different levels of the same product, is even more common Marketing System Our product may consist of vertical marketing system VMS because it is such type of distribution channel in which producers, wholesalers, retailers act as.

We are going to mention the most important part first the give the extra information in the middle and then end with attracting the customers that our product is what you need 5. Technology and Operations Management. Identifying the target Audience: This would require Zespri to vastly increase its kiwifruit supply in New Zealand, as well as from overseas suppliers, who currently accounted for a relatively small portion of its volume. Personal interviewing was used as the contact method as it has excellent flexibility and excellent quantity of data can be collected through personal interviewing and as the cost factor involved was very less and the data can be collected very accurately.

You can mold your questionnaire as you want and in any way to gather your required information.

k&n pakistan case study

Our product would be a perfect caase enjoying highly profitable sales and customer relationships as it would be providing the very desi look and an absolute desi taste desired by the local consumers. The advertising agency and the Creative department Message: Distribution Channel of our Product The distribution channel of our product is indirect marketing channel because this channel contains one or more intermediary levels. To make our product information more convenient and easy we will provide our website and 24 hours toll free numbers, pakisttan which our customers can contact us and also give feedback about the product.


Like if they low their price it will decrease our sales so we should adopt strategies to increase it by lowering our price, giving discounts or improving quality of our product. Other then advertising in newspapers and in magazines we will also advertise our product on bill boards and banners. The company is dase to put its cost for the product. At the same time, the Zespri team aspired to launch new products that met consumer demand for sweeter taste and convenience—an increasingly stjdy priority as global competition in kiwifruit intensified.

This is called market targeting.

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Strategy and General Management. There is very diversity in its distribution. We apply this strategy to keep our product prices lower so that by doing this we attract a large numbers of buyers and also to gain large market shares.

McLoughlin, and Mary Shelman. This would require Zespri to vastly increase its kiwifruit supply in New Zealand, as well as from overseas suppliers, who currently accounted for a relatively small portion of its volume. The following graph shows various combinations of products in different phases of different products.

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k&n pakistan case study

It was observed pakisyan introducing in Pakistan would generate high sales. Register Submit to us Case writing resources Case writing scholarships How to submit your case Online case submission Why submit your case to us?

The long-term missions are to be achieved through setting short-term objectives. After defining the problems and developing a research plan we implement the research plan and our research and development department will we handling the affairs and interpreter the findings.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Cite View Details Educators Related. About the Author Pakitsan E. We develop our public relation by doing the work of social responsibility, like wishing happy Eid or cwse any other special event to our customers.

We also introduce sponsorships and discount coupons. We will use informative advertising because it is mostly used when introducing a new product.

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Now ran with his son Adil K. Skip to main content. We segmented our product price in the following ways. In its quality assurance cell, the company maintains a check and balance on methods of sales distribution, new business ideas and strategic options, such as entering a new market or launching a new product in its product line, changing its suppliers and outsourcing its services. We apply this strategy when any one of our competitor lower its product price in order to grab market shares.

A very positive behavior of the target customers was observed.

We will adopt this type of advertising when we want to introduce some new discount packages or sales offers. Khalil want government of Pakistan to give some incentives to exporter and decrease some of the duties. Geography, demography, psychographic and behavioral we divided the market into two of them given as follows: