During this time, the two of them wrote to one of their mentors, Barindra Kumar Ghosh, the eminent revolutionary and the younger brother of Sri Aurobindo, whenever they needed money, addressing the Barindra with the code-name “Sukumar” for safety. The historical proceedings was started on twenty one may within the court of Mr. However, when some persuasion by his counsellors — with the logic that if he receives a life sentence rather than obtaining hanged as a result of this appeal, he would live to serve his nation once free and he would have age on his side once that happens — Khudiram finally agreed, in a very detached manner to travel along side his defense team. Only after Khudiram finished giving his statement, the body of Prafulla reached Muzaffarpur. Essay on Khudiram Bose…. On his person were found 37 rounds of ammunition, Rs. Khudiram and Prafulla went their own way to escape capture.

The hit was a success and the carriage blew up and started burning. In his own words, Khudiram made a statement which was updated while under arrest, recorded by the special branch of the police, before he was hanged: As he asked for a glass of water at a tea stall, he was confronted by two armed constables, Fateh Singh, and Sheo Pershad Singh, who immediately suspected something upon seeing his dusty feet, and his exhausted and perspiring appearance. But, to the disappointment to all, the Judge pronounced the death sentence for Khudiram. His father was a Tehsildar within the Nerajol. It suffered five more prosecutions that, by July , brought about its financial ruin

Cared for by his elder sister, he lived in her house at Hatgachha village, and attended the Hamilton High School. The historical proceedings was started on twenty one may within the court of Mr.

khudiram bose essay

When the judge asked him again whether he had anything to say, in front of a packed audience, Khudiram replied with the same smile that if he could be given some time, he could teach the judge the skill of bomb-making. Prafulla Chaki returned to Muzaffarpur with a new boy, Khudiram Bose.


Unfortunately, the vehicle was not carrying Kingsford and instead two innocent British ladies boee killed.

khudiram bose essay

Just a eessay later, Khudiram was taking part in full-blown revolutionary activities, planting bombs near police stations and targetting government esaay. Having covered nearly 25 miles, he reached exhausted at a station called “Oyaini”. At the nascent age of sixteen, Bose was defying police after planting bombs near police stations and targeting government officials.

People holding flower garlands filled up the front rows of the crowd. Neither the Jubilee boze ofnor the reported tampering of the Sikh regiments had produced so much commotion, and the English public opinion seems inclined to regard birth of the bomb in India at the most extraordinary event since the mutiny at On being read out the verdict, Khudiram Bose smiled, prompting the judge to ask him whether he understood the full extent of his punishment.

Knudiram after Khudiram finished giving his statement, the body of Prafulla reached Muzaffarpur. Retrieved 25 August Khudiram took part in planting bombs close to police stations and targeted government officials at the age of sixteen.

Essay, who was full of regret after learning that that it was not Kingsford but two women who had been killed, was later arrested at a location about 20 km from Samastipur and 12 km from Pusa Bazaar.

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His birth place was Bahuvaini in Essag district, West Bengal. Infamous for handing out strong and harsh punishments to freedom fighters, he was a target of the revolutionaries.

On the evening of 29 April, Khudiram and Prafulla were in place to execute their plans. However, it was one incident that made Kingsford put a target on his own back. Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. After the hanging, the funeral procession khuiram through the city, with police guards holding back the crowd all along the central artery street. For the next few days they closely determined the khduiram routine, activities and movements of their target, Kingsford, taking note of his timings at the court, the club and his house.


He also inflicted corporal punishments on such workers. Lastly, since such a statement are by definition required to be totally voluntary, with the magistrate being sure that it was esay, there was no proof that Khudiram was allowed to give a voluntary statement without any direct or indirect manipulation after his capture.

Later Prafulla committed suicide and Khudiram was arrested. With new alerted, a brand new target was selected in Douglas Kingsford. His mother was Lakshmipriya Devi.

Early life

One of bkse youngest revolutionaries of the Indian freedom struggle, he was hung on August 11,when he was just 18 years old. A mere boy of 18 years old, who looked quite determined. Since the attack was made before 9 in the evening, even by midnight the entire town was aware of the incident and was in a state of chaos.

He was then put on trial.

Around midday, a civil named Trigunacharan Ghosh noticed a young way coming his way. By the midnight, the whole town knew of the incident and by early morning, armed policemen were stationed on all the rail route to keep an eye on every passenger.

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Essay on Khudiram Bose Khudirram was an Indian Khudriam revolutionary, one in all the youngest revolutionaries early within the revolutionary movement for Indian independence. He was especially disillusioned with the British following the partition of Bengal in Before Khudiram could use the other one to fire on the constables, one of them held him from behind in a bear-hug.

He was by then on a unique mental plane, and was totally ready to embrace his destiny.

khudiram bose essay