The Ghost Lord on the left is the least dangerous enemy in this fight because of his lack of ranged attacks, and so we can leave him to his own devices for the most part. I am tired of my life, but at least I have lived it! I said “more details. If you followed the OP path and sided with Forest Shadow, she shows up and gives you an additional reward as well as some more OP points. Because you never loved me!

The other bandit was right to kill him and seize his power. I dealt with Mister Ren. Regardless of how you carry on the conversation, eventually you dismiss the man and then there’s an extended cut scene. Our reward for doing this? You’re a wanted criminal! From studying the full text, it seems that it would be near a river in the Great Southern Forest. I’m your father, dammit!

Getting out of here is going to be harder than getting in, I think. Or do those things only attack people carrying Spirit Monk amulets? Because you never loved me!

I only wish I had had the eyes to see what it did to you. Since your mother passed away, you were all I had. I hhesis unequip the Imperial Favor because this is a straight upgrade, but Silk Fox gave that gem to us and it has sentimental value.

jade empire bladed thesis test

I already owe you one lifetime of pain; do not bring more than that upon yourself. Petrifying an enemy also sets them up for a harmonic combo, tnesis this time I actually remembered that. When you reach her, you should ask her for her story. Well, she would be if she took any enjoyment from her work, which apparently isn’t the case. Having said what he needs to, Bladed Thesis disappears and takes the two ghosts with him.


What choice do I have? I can’t give refunds like that! I’m sure this will go well. Go down the stairs and talk to Lord Yun. Help the foxes beat off the demons and continue on your way. I met a boy.

Jade Empire Part #20 – Bonus Zither of Discord

I don’t think I’ve ever actually shown the full in-game map, so here it is. In the back you’ll meet Henpecked Hou and you should explore all his conversation options.

He even asked me for a refund! Tesst the stairs north from the temple and follow the path to a large clearing.

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What are you doing here? From studying the full text, it seems that it would be near a river in the Great Southern Forest.

A bit too late for that if you ask me. This screenshot was taken long before I recorded the actual update when I was just testing out the save editorso Wei’s level is lower here than it is in the rest of the update. You’ll soon come to blaedd bridge and see a man being attacked by ghosts.


In order to get the crystal from him, you need to agree to kill the Forest Shadow; so, [Lie] that you will do so. Now, if you do this, you can get a fight out of the way now and pick up Henpecked Hou as a follower; or, you can wait until later, when you’ll still have the fight.

This fight is a long one because he’s got a ton of Bladec, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t run out of chi here.

jade empire bladed thesis test

Oh hey, it’s Jinlin. Or something to that effect. They also drop powerups very frequently for some reason. Just take that wretched old man out of my house so that I never have to see him again! Both are obviously very useful rmpire.

jade empire bladed thesis test

Here’s the Tempest style in action. Bring them to me, and we will silence all who refuse to honor my work! The Insane Emperor Ghost will try to heal himself, but we’re not having any of that shit.