Open this Word document and complete all of the tasks using the Google map below ; Find out more about coastal erosion at this excellent website. They are narrow as the result of the lack of major rivers bringing new sediment into the coastal budget. At Holderness the environment is primarily one of fetch-limited wind wave development, the dominant wave direction is north-easterly, creating a north-south orientated net longshore current. There is a debate about whether or not human beings should attempt to defend coastlines. This site uses cookies.

Although wave refraction focuses the waves energy on the layered and faulted rocks of Flamborough head, eroding the calk, the incredibly weak nature of the clay still means that it erodes faster than the chalk. Holderness Coast is a good example of rapid coastal erosion for reasons like: Sea level rise associated with climate change and the prevailing north-easterly wind conspire to make this coast susceptible to rapid rates of coastal erosion. View The Holderness coastline in a larger map. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Geofile – Holderness Coastal Management.

The average annual rate of erosion is around 2 metres per year. Coastal management at Hornsea and Withernsea are examples of hard engineering solutions to coastal erosion.

The Holderness Coast

The first is the sgudy of the strong prevailing winds creating longshore drift that moves material south along the coastline. Typhoon Haiyan Case Study.

The census indicated that the parish of Mappleton had a population ofand increase from in If you’ve found the resources on this site useful please consider making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of the site. It provides access from smaller villages such as Mappleton and Aldbrough to larger settlements with a wider range of services such as Hornsea and Withernsea. The construction of the rock groynes has created a larger, higher sandy beach for Mappleton.


To get a better experience, try one of the supported browsers listed here. Tidal range at the Holderness coast is very high and can reach up to 7 m. Pin It on Pinterest. This is loose sediment or soil which as been either eroded or shaped by water.

It is this soft boulder clay that is being rapidly eroded.

Describe the texture of boulder clay What happens to sand and stones once they are eroded? BBC Bitsize footage – Holderness coast. Firefly geographu a modern browser, so you may notice things look broken right now.

Holderness Coast – Study Page. Holderness Coast Case Study.

holderness case study a level geography

There are two main reasons why this area of coast is eroding so rapidly. Revetments are very expensive but long-lasting. It was decided t6hat the cost of coastal defence for a village of only people was less than the cost of building a new road.

This site uses cookies. What is plan to defend the terminal against the sea? The geology runs in bands, with a chalk layer at Flamborough in the North, Boulder clay or till laid down in the last ice age south of that and finally river deposits in the Humber Estuary.


The Holderness Coast is a great case study to use when examining coastal processes and the features associated with them. Vegetation was planted on the cliffs to further stabilise them from mass movement. What is the rate of erosion at Barmston?

The Holderness Coast – A-Level Geography – Marked by

Cliff stabilisation has had a positive impact in managing the threat of mass movement. What was the original life expectancy of the Easington terminal?

holderness case study a level geography

A number of farmers have lost a significant amount of land to increased rates of erosion. This is around 2 million tonnes of material every year. Flamborough Head is made of which rock type? It is an excellent example of a geograpuy. Erosion at Skipsea illustrates the human impact of erosion in areas where coastlines are not being defended. The weak clay, stormy nature of the North Sea, and rising sea levels of 4mm per year mean that the future is bleak for parts of this coastline.