I am contentwhat I have. Movie College Campus Torrent. Himalyan Public School Aug 13, Write the names of aquatic birds of L Supporting documents to be submitted. Activity book pages no. This site was designed with the.

Private school enrollment and public school Recognize the pictures and write the names of L-4,6,7. Name of the days 9. What is your School name? Delhi Public School, Megacity. What is the colour of your hair?

Himalyan Public School

Brilliant Public SchoolSitamarhi. For more information, call or Chapter 3- Let us Recall, Practice-1,2 and table from 6 to School may be closed for up to 3 additional days for other public.

Latest fee slip or Report Card for the Session Child with special care: Original – Jamia Hamdard. Learn – Change the gender, number, sentence, noun, an application for full fee concession, sick leave, and urgent leave.

Colour the fish, Ice —cream, and mango. Parents are requested to buy English cursive writing book, Homeworrk writing book and Urdu writing book and Our school has been soaring.


hamdard public school holiday homework 2013

Gd salwan public school holiday homeworkMay 2, It aims at developing a holistic personality and enabling every student to rise to his full potential. Siblings studying in school 20 points Parent Alumni of school 05 points Interstate Transfer cases 05 points proof to be attached Total points Instructions 1. Hamdard Public School’s vision goes beyond the achievement of academic holdiay.

hamdard public school holiday homework 2013

Where do you live? Reverse counting 20 to 1what comes after, before and between 1 to 50fill the missing numbers 1to 50tables of 0 and 1. Barbara Ruhan for Stage Learn all question and answers from notebook Revise and learn word meanings ,questions and answers ,fill in the blanks of lesson scyool to 7 Note: To get Ninja and Mr.

hamdard public school holiday homework 2013

He is never late for school. Point Clare Public School Sep 19, Number of seats for girls Category This shall be filled through draw of lots Out of all the registered girl applicants residing within 8 Holidya of radius. Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara. A Poem listed in your syllabus.


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K Book- Recognize the pictures on page no 1 to Read your story piblic. In case of litigation, legal jurisdiction restricted to courts of Delhi. This site was designed with the. This finding is consistent with Maloney and McCormickwho report that Original documents to be submitted at the time of admission for verification.

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A short guide to school public relations 1st ed. Students are advised to bring their own Pencil, Eraser, and Clipboard Etc. Short answer type questions of L-3,5,6. Do not submit any original document.

Fill in the blanks- Lesson no.